MasterChef Immunity Challenge – Billie vs Jessie vs John

Tonight was the MasterChef immunity challenge with Billie, Jessie and John. The night was divided into two rounds, only one person will go through to the next round.

The first round started with a knife pull, John pulled 3rd, Jessie 2nd and Billie 1st. They had to identify ingredients under kloches. Billie chose first, she guessed brazil nuts correctly. Next was Jessie, she had palm sugar and guessed correctly. John picked ‘G’, it looked like ginger but was actually galangal, John chose correctly.

Billie chose ‘M’, it was a bucket of micro herbs but was mustard cress. She couldn’t guess and was eliminated from the immunity challenge. It was down to Jessie and John. Jessie chose ‘C’ it was Choy Sum, but she couldn’t get it. John was through to round 2.

Duncan Welgemoed

Duncan Welgemoed. Source: Twitter

John MasterChef Immunity Challenge had to take on the head chef, Duncan Welgemoed, from Africola in South Australia.

He decided to cook a pork adobo recipe. He was off to a bad start. He was rolling a lemon on the bench and smashed a glass. His nerves were getting the better of him.

Shannon helps John out by supervising him and telling him to keep things simple, he is particularly concerned about the sugar cane syrup. John then decides to follow his advice and leaves the syrup off the dish. Shannon also questions John about the taste of the pork fat on the pork belly.

Duncan is still calmly preparing his dish. He drains the fat off the pork belly he was cooking in the oven and uses this to make his vinaigrette.

Both contestants plate up and Duncan’s dish looks neat and refined and John’s dish is presented in a more home-style fashion.

It’s time for tasting. Duncan’s dish is up first. It is tuna with a pork fat vinaigrette and stone fruits. George loved the tuna. Matt liked that the fruit had been put there for the acidity. Gary questions the pork fat vinaigrette.

Next up is John’s dish. He has made a pork Adobo with coconut rice. The judges know straight away that it is John’s dish. George loves the pineapple. Gary said he would like the pork cooked more. Matt didn’t like the large layer of fat on top.


Duncan’s Scores

Gary – 8
George – 8
Matt – 8

Total: 24 / 30

John’s Scores

Gary – 8
George – 7
Matt – 7

Total: 22 / 30

John didn’t win the immunity challenge tonight.

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