Masterchef Elimination – Matthew vs Stephen vs Jamie 1

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination was between Matthew, Stephen and Jamie. It was the first elimination with the power apron in play. Reynold had the power apron and was able to choose what the contestants will cook in this elimination challenge. The theme in tonight’s Masterchef elimination was “Sunday Roast” and Reynold could choose Chicken or Beef and he chose chicken.

The Masterchef contestants had to cook 3 plates of food (one for each judge) and three different sides, one of which had to be potatoes.

Matthew is making a chicken roulade and he will cook it using the sous vide method. His potatoes will be made into a pommes dauphine. This involved making choux pastry, it was a delicate balancing act with the ratio of potato and pastry. Gary tasted one of them, he said “it’s not quite right is it?”

Stephen was making a chicken breast roasted in butter and bacon, with an hour to go he put the chicken in the oven.

Jamie was making his famous garlic bread sauce and was making roast potatoes coated in duck fat.

Stephen is making braised celery as one of his side dishes. He wants to showcase it.

Matthew seems under control however  he is concerned about his pommes dauphine.

Jamie is working on his sweet potato fries.

15 minutes is left and Stephen takes his whole chickens out of the ovens. As he cuts them open he can see that they are undercooked. He puts the chicken back in the roasting dish and back on the stove to continue cooking.

Matthew is happy with how his roulade are doing. However Jamie is stressing about his roulade. He has decided to deep fry it.

Stephen takes his chicken off the stove and slices through it, he is relieved to see that it is cooked perfectly.

With 3 minutes to go George tells them to start plating up.

Time is up.

The first roast dish that is going to be judged belongs to Jamie. He has made a parsley stuffed chicken roulade with a bread sauce. George says his chicken is overcooked and dry. Matt is not happy with how the potatoes are cooked. However the sauce is nice and the other elements are good.

Next up is Matthew. He has cooked a macadamia roulade with pumpkin puree and pommes dauphine. Gary loved the gravy and asked if there was any left. Matt loved the roast chicken. Gary said the sauce was super meaty. George loved the macadamia nuts, and they all agreed that the pumpkin puree was delicious.

Finally it is Stephen’s turn. He has cooked roast chicken with braised celery and fondant potatoes. George says his chicken is cooked really well but the skin is an issue, it’s rubbery. Gary likes the braised celery as it has loads of flavour. Matt doesn’t like the amount of fat in the sauce.

Gary says straight out that Matthew is definitely safe. It’s now up to the judges to decide who is going home between Stephen and Jamie.

The judges announce to the contestants that Matthew is safe. He is quite relieved.

The judges say that it was a very close decision. Not all the judges agreed. Stephen is safe. Jamie is going home as his chicken was overcooked.

Jamie has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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