Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge Georgia, Sara and Jessica 6

Tonight was the final Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge It is the last chance to get an immunity pin and guaranteed entry into the finals. Whoever wins today gets a game changing advantage in tomorrow’s challenge.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Today’s challenge is to make something sweet to go with a cup of tea.
They have 30 minutes to make it, cook it, serve it.
Whoever wins this round gets to go to the next round for the immunity pin.
Georgia is making a Monte Carlo biscuit. She forgets her sugar and runs back to the pantry. Sara is making scones. Jessica making a burnt butter friends with Rosemary and time. Georgia is not making her normal recipe as she doesn’t have time, she is modifying it.

Georgia was going to put her cooked biscuits in the freezer to cool the, but Marco says they will go soggy. He says he likes them crispy.

Jessica checks her friands and they are undercooked but she takes the, out anyways and puts them in the fridge.

It’s time to taste, the judges and Marco, Shannon have their cup of tea ready to go. The first dish to be tasted belongs to Jessica, she has made burnt butter, raspberry and thyme friands. Gary loves them, he says they are delicious and super light. Shannon says a ten out of ten. Marco says its a little undercooked as she put the raspberry in the centre.

Next up is Sara. She has made fig date and walnuts scones with marscapone. Matt says they are best scones they’ve had in this kitchen. However the scones needed a little more time to cook through. Marco likes his scones with jam and cream but he likes hers anyways.

Finally it’s Georgia’s turn. She has made Monte Carlo biscuits. Gary loved them, so did all the judges. Matt says its chewy and crispy on the outside, he loves he tangy jam. It’s brilliant. Marco says they were perfect with a cup of tea.

The judges loved the all the dishes but the winner of the challenge is Georgia. She gets a massive advantage in the challengetomorrow and if she wins the pin she is guaranteed to get into the finals.

Georgia now needs to cook off against a guest chef, and it is revealed to be Shannon Bennett, which is a surprise as he is normally the coach to the contestants during the challenge. Today Georgia will be mentored by Marco.

Today Georgia gets to choose from the pantry. There are 20 of the judges favourite things in the pantry, Georgia gets to choose 10 of the ingredients from the pantry. She chooses lemons, chicken, celery, eggs, miso, shallots, dill, leeks, marron and the final ingredient is blackberries.

Shannon does not get to cook with Georgia’s ingredients but instead gets the ingredients that Georgia did not choose. They are a John Dory fish, Tonka beans, curry leaves, mastic, Thai basil, figs, chicory and a few more.

Georgia has 75 minutes and Shannon has 60 minutes.

Georgia is making a poaching liquid. She is not sure what she is going to cook yet. Finally she decides to cook chicken.

Shannon is going to cook the John Dory on the bone with the chicory and broken rice.

Georgia is going to poach the chicken and she takes the skin off for crackling but Marco says you should poach the chicken with the skin on. She can’t get another chicken so she is worried. She is not off to a good start.

Shannon’s time has started. He is making John Dory with a crust of fig and broken rice.

Georgia is still not sure what she is doing. Billie calls out to her and tells her to use the marron, she tells her how to cook them as well.

There’s 45 minutes to go.

Georgia has cooked her marron but is having trouble getting it out of the shell. She has broken it as she has pulled it out of the shell. She finishes the marron off in some butter in a frypan. Georgia begins plating up with 8 minutes to go. Marco tells Georgia to use the crispy chicken skin she made earlier as the judges love crunchy chicken skin.

Shannon begins plating up too. There is one minute remaining.

Time is up. It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. The first dish up for tasting belongs to Georgia, it is marron with blackberries and celery. George says it is a tasty complete dish. He loves the chicken skin. Gary loves the celery as it is soft and well caramelised. Matt loves the dish. Gary says the texture of the marron is not quite right, it may have been over cooked.

The next dish for tasting belongs to Shannon. He has made a roast John Dory on the bone with figs and a bitter basil sauce. The judges notice the skin is still on the fish. George says the combination of flavours is unique, he loves it. Gary likes the bitterness and the chewy rice and bits of fish. Matt loves the way the bitterness of the basil sauce accentuates the fish.

The judges have scored each dish.

Georgia’s scores
Gary 8/10
George 8/10
Matt 9/10

Total 25/30

Shannon’s scores
Gary 8/10
George 9/10
Matt 9/10

Total 26/30

The winner of the challenge is Shannon Bennett.

Georgia still gets the advantage in tomorrow’s challenge.

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6 thoughts on “Masterchef Immunity Pin Challenge Georgia, Sara and Jessica

  • Mary Weller

    Enjoyed this series so much, but please could I ask for the music that runs continually through the program be at a lower level.
    I feel I can’t be alone in this feeling that although I can see that it is there to enhance the excitement and pressure, it has become too overbearing and means the viewer has to hang on to every word as it is too easily drowned by the music.
    Having said that , thank you for a wonderful program.

    • Lucy

      Sorry, but this show is getting ridiculous. Georgia needed advice to serve the marron, cook the marron and serve the chicken skin. She braises a bit of celery and chucks it on a plate with a blender mayo and we’re supposed to believe it came within one point of Shannon Bennett’s dish? I don’t think so. This girl seems lovely but she is not at the level of the other cooks.

      • Steve

        I agree Lucy, this has become the Georgia show. It is so blatantly obvious this year that Georgia is a protected species. How about the producers let the judges do the judging and keep their noses out of it. We all know that it is the producers who pick the winner, not the judges.

        • ShaZam

          I totally agree. It’s getting so annoying with Georgia. It wasn’t a challenge it was just her taking instructions . She even had to ask Billie how long to cook the marron for! She wouldn’t have been able to put up a dish without the help.
          She doesn’t deserve to be in the finals.

  • Ann Andrew

    Have stopped watching Masterchef as I am tired of the favourite
    Georgia being given so much attention. Reynolds is a team player
    and lost because of that whilst Gorgia had all the time to make
    her desert.. I hope Billie or Reynolds win but do not hold out much hope.

  • Sue

    Georgia clearly does NOT deserve to be even in the top 6! Any viewer will get sick of the undeserved attention she is getting! Gary openly shows favor to all the rubbish she cooks! She should be OUT soon and may the best cook win! ( and we all know it is NOT Georgia)