Masterchef Elimination Result – Rick Stein

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination was between Georgia, Jessie, Matthew, Ashleigh, Amy and Billie. Ashleigh has an immunity pin. Who was eliminated from Masterchef tonight?

Rick Stein Masterchef

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Rick Stein was the guest chef tonight. The contestants had to pick a fish and a cuisine from a basket, they couldn’t see what they were picking. They had to cook the fish in the style of the cuisine. It was a hard challenge, here is what they chose:

Matthew – John Dory and Indian
Jessie – Murray river code and British
Georgia – Snow Crab and French
Billie – Red emperor and Spanish
Amy – Squid and Malaysian

Billie filleted her Red emperor superbly. She was making a chorizo orange broth with red emperor.

Amy was making squid noodles, a similar technique to the sea urchin challenge.

Jessie was struggling, she was slow off the mark and didn’t know what to make that was “British”. She was thinking about a fish stew, but wasn’t overly confident.

Matthew was making a curry with his John Dory with a caramelised egg plant.

Georgia was making a crab bisque, Rick Stein came over and said he couldn’t taste the crab in her dish, she was a bit worried she had put too much Pernod in the bisque.

Jessie is still quite flustered and is a little unsure of her dish. Rick and Matt go over to her bench and give her a little pep talk.

Matthew begins cooking his fish, he is worried as his fish starts to curl up in the frypan and that it might not cook through properly. He only has two pieces of fish to work with. He decides to cut the fillet into three pieces to stop it from curling up. This seems to work and he is happy with the result.

Time is almost up and the contestants begin to plate up their dishes. Everyone gets their dish plated up on time. It’s time for the judges to begin tasting.

The first dish up for tasting is Billie’s dish. She has cooked a pan seared red emperor with a chorizo crumb and a broth. George says the dish looks beautiful. Rick says it is an absolute knockout dish, the fish and the vegetables are cooked perfectly. Matt says it is the sort of cooking that gets you to the final.

Amy is up next. She has cooked a Malaysian curry with squid noodles. The judges notice a problem with Amy’s dish. The squid tentacles are undercooked and sauce is described as claggy. They did however like the flavour of the sauce and the noodles were cooked really well.

Matthew is next. He has cooked a John Dory coconut curry with rice and flatbread. The dish looks wonderful according to George. Rick says it is Matthew’s homage to India. Gary says it is a really clever dish. George says it is delicious.

Georgia’s dish is next. She has cooked a snow crab bisque with fennel, tarragon and tomato. Gary loved it, he said take it away and give me another one. Rick said the crab flavour really shone through. All the judges really enjoyed it.

Jessie’s dish is up next. She has cooked poached Murry River cod with peas and brussel sprouts. Rick says the fish is a little undercooked. George and Gary say their fish was cooked ok. Matt says the earthiness of the fish matches the flavours in the sauce.

It’s time for the judges to decide who is eliminated tonight.

The best three dishes of the night belonged to Billie, Matthew and Georgia.

The decision is now between Jessie and Amy as to who will be eliminated.

Amy was eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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