Masterchef Elimination – Stephen vs Georgia vs Amy 8

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Stephen, Georgia and Amy. Who was eliminated from Masterchef Tonight? It is a pressure test by Guillaume Brahimi, a french cuisine chef from Australia. His dish, Jewel of the sea, was a sea urchin dish with a mixture of different sea foods inside.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The contestants had 2 1/2 hours to recreate this dish. Georgia was first to start cooking, she only skimmed the recipe. Amy read every step thoroughly, but this left her behind.

Georgia was quite comfortable with cooking seafood, her dad was a fisherman and she was having no problem with the lobster and squid components. She was up to the sea urchin, she hadn’t made one of these before and preparing them was really hard. They had to remove the tongues.

Stephen had no problem with the sea urchin. Last to get to this step was Amy. She was ok with this step too, but she might not have left any sea urchin tongue for her garnish.

Georgia mixed her butter with the sea urchin tongues. She went to grab her corn puree, but realised she had actually mixed the butter with the corn puree. She was in trouble. She had to salvage as much as she could from her dirty dishes.

Stephen was on to the custard, he was the first one to get there. With 1/2 an hour to go, he noticed he forgot to put the squid in the freezer, he quickly put it in, hoping it will freeze in time. Amy took her lobster tail out of the pot, but it was still raw, it had to go back in.

Amy was the first to start plating up, followed by Georgia and Stephen. Stephen had hardly any sauce left, but it looked great. Amy was missing the urchin tongues on the top of the dish and Georgia managed to get it all in the dish.


First up to be judged is Georgia. Gary says the sauce is lovely, the calamari is cooked well. Guillaume says it’s delicious. George says she’s made a tasty dish.

Stephen is up next. George says he’s done a really good job for an amateur cook. Guillaume says the squid is too thick but there’s no sauce to tie it together.

Finally Amy is up next. Matt says that it is delicious. Gary says the lobster is cooked well and he loved the sauce.

It’s time to reveal the judges decisions. Stephen’s dish didn’t have enough sauce, Amy forgot the sea urchin tongues and Georgia’s dish looked flat.

Stephen was eliminated from Masterchef tonight.


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8 thoughts on “Masterchef Elimination – Stephen vs Georgia vs Amy

  • Shirley

    Masterchef is an enjoyable show, but when you see so much favourtism given to Georgia it is no secret who they are lining up to win!!

  • paddy

    What absolute rubbish. Georgia would not have made it with out excessive help from the judges and Amy left out a crucial ingredient. No crediblity and the judges are a joke. Misogyny gone mad.

  • Iain McKinnon

    This is a highly produced reality show. Keep that in mind. The producers almost certainly decide who stays and who goes not the judges. They are frontmen at best. I know a chef who was invited to take part in an immunity challenge a few seasons ago. He was told when approached that he wouldn’t win the challenge but that it would be good publicity for his restaurant. Let’s face it Georgia is a waste of space drama queen. Enjoy it for what it is or change channels. And if Rose waves those hands again I’ll vomit.

  • Katrina

    I agree with the other two comments left, Georgia has had so much help throughout the show no wonder she is still standing, Sara is another contestant who has received help from the judges. This is definitely notvfair on the restof the contestants. The judges need to stand back and not show such favouritism. Maybe we need to change judges or introduce a few female judges, take the number of judges to 5 or 7 and mix them up throughout the week.

    Another suggestion all judging should be blind tastings this would be possible with the intoduction of more judges.

  • Sindre

    Again Ten and the biased trio of judges are at it again, by any means nessesary their favorites who they have pushed agressively since the show started gets saved by questionable rulings and a gratuitous serving of good will. Stephen got eliminated because he had too little sauce, yet Georgia had 1/4 of the custard, the sauce in the dish consisted of both sauce and custard being combined. How come Georgia’s complete lack of custard plus sauce equals the best dish of the day, but stephens good and correct amount of custard + less sauce equals the worst dish should be a mystery… it is not, however. The judges have a favorite and wish to keep them. Biased awful ruling that spoils the show evern further.
    (might at least not have cut out the part where the judges commented on her lack of custard, or maybe it was a non issue this time… as if Amy put up her dish it would not have been commented on..)

    Ten, do you think us viewers blind and unable to identify your biases? How Sara, Rose and Georgia gets an easy ride, 80% of the screen time, screen time that serves to trick viewers into thinking they are better than the other contestants by devoting it to them talking about how they think when making their dishes… Most of the contestants left we as the viewers know nothing about because you refuse to let us get to know them, i don’t care about your favorites, i cannot cheer for them, only bafoons who buy into this nonsense would cheer for them because you managed to trick them into thinking they are the best because they are the only faces they get to see every single episode. S.T.O.P I.T you are spoiling the experience for everyone and it is disgusting.

    Regards from Norway. Get your act together.

  • Helene

    Rose is the most annoying and has a complete lack of cooking skills, but keeps getting through. WHY????? Whenever she is on screen its all about her and her family, blah blah blah, what, no one else has left family behind to be on the show?
    They have sent home so many good cooks just to make a tv show.

  • Jenni Corsaro

    Masterchef seems to have become the Georgia show. She has been given much more help and much more airtime than all the other contestants. Georgia is the producers’ pet and they have obviously decided she is going to be the winner, no matter what. I agree; Georgia is a waste of space drama queen and doesn’t have a sincere bone in her body. I am totally sick of how much she features in the show. Give the other contestants a fair go and equal air time, please.

  • Maree

    So pleased so many others have noticed the favouritism shown to Georgia, it’s sickening, here we are at the finals and she gets a free pass after a salad, give me a break, it was obvious that she chose the dish with the least technique. And then she had to be told to blend the kale to get a puree, and she is in the finals????? George openly said to Jess during the cook, that she chose the most difficult dish, hence the pressure to get all the elements on the plate. Even Billie is in the elimination and her dessert was more difficult than Georgia’s. PATHETIC television.