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Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Reynold, Jessica and Sara. It is a molecular gastronomy pressure test. The challenge was set by Gastro Park Sydney head chef Grant King. The contestants will be recreating a dish called “Liquid Butternut Gnocchi”.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

It had a lot of elements. Who is eliminated from Masterchef tonight? Let’s find out.

The contestants had 2 hours to recreate the dish and 5 minutes to plate up at the end.

The mushroom stock was was on. Jessica was ahead, followed by Sara, Reynold was taking his time to make sure he was getting the recipe right. He was falling behind, he was working very slowly. George came over and gave him a pep talk, he told him not to give up and focus. He fired up and started working faster.

Jessica and Sara were 2 steps ahead of him though.

Jessica was up to the brioche. She had made the dough and poured her milk in. Georgia was concerned the milk was too warm and it may have killed the yeast. Sara and Reynold did it the same.

None of the contestants had their brioche rise. Gary said it was because the milk was too hot when it was put in. Will they all start it again?

Reynold and Jessica decided to start it again. They put it in the mixer and move onto the next element. Jessica decided to grate her pumpkin instead of following the recipe, which says to dice it. Finally, Sara decides to remake her brioche, she is now fallen into last place.

Sara realises she has a bowl full of egg whites left. She was confused. They were supposed to go into the consommé but she didn’t know what they were for.

Jessica’s brioche is ready, it looks a lot better than the first batch.

Sara realises the egg whites was supposed to go in from the start. She separated the consommé into a smaller pot and added the egg whites, hopefully it will clarify in time, there was only 30 minutes to go.

Jessica was in the lead, she started blending her soup and was onto the gnocchi spheres. This was the hardest part of the recipe. She started trying to make the spheres but it wasn’t working. Could this be the shock elimination? Sara and Reynold weren’t up to this step yet.

Reynold says he has made spheres before. He knows that Jessica’s aren’t working as she has her mix at the wrong temperature. Jessica has seen that Reynold has cooled down his pumpkin mix so she decides to copy him. She tries to create her gnocchi again and this time it works better. Sara’s gnocchi are also odd shapes but she doesn’t have time to fix them.

There’s only one minute remaining. After time is up the contestants have 5 minutes to plate up.

Time is up and Reynold and Sara have both forgotten about their brioche cooking in the oven.

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. First up it’s Reynold’s dish. He is not happy with the colour or clarity of his consomme. Grant says the spheres are looking good. He says the gnocchi are tasty and a good size. Gary says the consomme is a little cloudy. Grant says he is disappointed that the brioche was left off the plate.

Next up is Jessica’s dish. George says she has done an incredible job. Gary says the consomme looks beautiful and clear and golden. Matt says that it is great. Grant says the flavours are perfect and it has a beautiful smell. Gary loves the consomme and says that it is smashing. He says it is very close to the flavour of Grant’s dish.

The final dish to be tasted belongs to Sara. She has only four misshapen spheres in her bowl. Matt says there are some good flavours in the mushroom chutney. Gary says her gnocchi were unseasoned and bland. Matt says there was no pumpkin flavour.

It’s obvious, one contestant did the worst job out of the three.

Sara was eliminated from Masterchef tonight

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10 thoughts on “Masterchef Elimination Reynold, Jessica, Sara

  • Skyler M

    With a 3 string contestants doing so poorly, can’t help but wonder how poorly the menu was written.
    Grant offered not guidance during the cook, even in the face of hugely technical mistakes or common errors all 3 were making. For example, Gary was the one who had to highlight the milk temperature problem with the brioche.
    Grant also offered no insights during tastings , like as to why things went wrong or how things could have been better.
    Not impressed with him as a chef

  • Rose

    So unfair! Sara should have not left!!! Jessica clearly copied reynold and that is the only reason she stayed. She is sour and must leave

    • Josephine

      I totally agree with you! Jessica is a nasty bitch and needs to be eliminated. Badly. How many can someone mess up a whole team challenge but never get what they deserve???

    • Chefan1

      Yep pretty much. Had Jessica been where Sara was positioned she would have not been able to see reynolds bench to copy his method of cooling the pumpkin. Only reason she survived. Very unfair.

  • Betty

    When Matthew was eliminated Marco already made up his mind before tasting. I thought it was what the contestants did and cooked. Not a traditional dish. I was absolutely disappointed with this series. I will not be watching again. It seems that no males are good enough for the chiefs. They get eliminated. Only 9 out of 24 come on play fair. Don’t keep in because of tears.

  • KK

    Why would these people be still in the show when they don’t even know how to make the yeast work?
    It seems to me that Masterchef is with much lower level/ standard than MKR. In MKR they always have to cook for massive number of dishes like 100+.
    Here the judges remind them things from time to time, like mentors rather than being the fair judges. And I can see they’ve got favourism towards some of them too.
    This show…they gotta do sth otherwise no one will watch it.

  • Coral

    Souprise Souprise. Georgia has made it into the semi finals !! She, who has had help all the way, who earlier in the programs, faultered and stammered and was less than confident, is now in the running to win! We took bets over four weeks ago, that Georgia is the shows potential winner, and guess oh gee – she got the knife that Gary puts his hand on. No 1. Yes.
    Salad- made well, even very well- but compare that to a dessert that has many cooking elements – that was done very well – yes even very well – How can a salad ever win?
    Gerorgia for the finals!! But we are out of next season- and the season after. So are many we speak to. This has been a bit to easy to guess – who?
    over and out

  • Oliver

    Why is Georgia still in this comp? First two weeks she messed up fish twice after proclaiming fish to be her strength, spitting the dummy throwing herself on the floor and tears all the time when she can’t do something or the pressure is to much. The woman is a joke and should have been outed in the first two weeks. I definitely think she is related to one of the judges or someone at channel 10. If this woman wins I will never watch this show again because it is favouritism that Stevie Wonder could see through.