Finals Week Cook Whatever You Like 4

Tonight on Masterchef we are down to the final four and the contestants can cook whatever food they like. The final four contestants are Reynold, Billie, Georgia and Jessica.

The judges greet the contestants and outline today’s challenge. Gary says the good news firstly is that no one is going home today and the winner of today’s challenge will get a massive advantage. Today the contestants get to cook what they would like to, and they are advised to play to their strengths. Today they have no rules. All of the dishes will be tasted and the dish of the day will win the advantage in tomorrow’s challenge. The contestants finally get to decide what their cooking time will be today. They negotiate and choose to cook for 90 minutes today.

Georgia has no idea what the advantage is but she knows she really wants it.

Billie is doing a dish that is inspired from her youth growing up on a dairy farm. She is making her take on cornflakes.

Jessica is going against her strengths and is making a dessert. She is making a blue cheese cream.

Georgia is making a dish inspired by the memory of her grandmother. She is making a lemon meringue with blueberries and coriander seeds.

Reynold is making an apple and caramel dish. He can see this dish being in his dessert bar later on. It has three caramel elements and three apple elements. As Reynold is talking to the judges he realises his white chocolate is in the oven and as he takes it out he can see it is burnt.

Billie is cooking a take on cornflakes. She says she is using lemon verbena and saffron. George says he is not sure of the flavour combinations and Bilie is now not sure what to do.

Georgia is making a deconstructed lemon meringue pie that she will be serving on wooden spoons. George lets Georgia know that her jelly element is not correct. Georgia says she will take any hints she can get at this stage.

Jessica is cooking figs with blue cheese and walnut crumble.

There’s 30 minutes remaining.

Billie has made two mousses and now she is working on a saffron tuile. She is colouring her cornflake mix but it has gone bright yellow. She decides to smear the mixture out thinly so it will cook more and colour more.

Reynold is making his tuile. They notice his burnt apples and ask what the flavour of that will be like.

Jessica is worried about her ice cream as it has gone icy.

Billie’s cornflakes have turned out well. She has made a strawberry sherbert as well.

Georgia begins plating up her dish on the wooden spoons. She begins to torch her meringues and sets fire to the baking paper next to her.

There’s only three minutes to go and all of the other contestants begin to plate up.

Time is up. The contestants are happy with their dishes except for Jessica. She is disappointed with the presentation of her dish.

The judges are excited to taste the four desserts.

Billie’s dessert is first up for tasting. She has made a white chocolate lemon verbena mousse with saffron flakes. it was inspired by her childhood of eating cornflakes. Gary says the look of the cornflakes is spot on. He says it is a very clever and very delicious dish. Matt says it is brilliant. George says that because the saffron is baked that it is not too potent.

Georgia’s dish is up next. She has made a lemon meringue with blueberries. George says that he loves the idea conceptually but the meringue is too sweet. Matt says that the meringue is super sweet. Gary says that curd and meringue on its own is not good enough to be a lemon meringue pie.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Jessica is next. She has made roasted figs with blue cheese mousse and a honey wafer. Gary says it smells good. The judges giggle and lick their spoons clean. Matt says how delicious is that? He loves the super soft fig and the burnt butter crumb. Gary loves the dark caramel flavour of the sauce. They love the dish so much that they now no longer care about the presentation.

Finally it is Reynold’s turn. He has made an apple and caramel dessert with almond tuile. Gary says it looks amazing. Matt says it looks like something from a very expensive restaurant. Gary says it is one of the best looking desserts they have ever had on the show and he’s not just talking about the contestants dishes he is talking about the professionals as well. Matt finds the caramel too heavy. He wants more apple and more freshness and acidity. George says the ice cream and the caramel sauce were yum. Gary says he has never made a tuile like that before and now he wants to make one.

The judges now have to decide who has the dish of the day and who will win the advantage.

The dish of the day belongs to Jessica as the judges loved her dish the best. She gets the massive advantage in tomorrow’schallenge.

George tells them to get some rest as the will be going to places they’ve never been before. They are cooking at George’s Press Club.

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4 thoughts on “Finals Week Cook Whatever You Like

  • Fan of facts

    That was a blatant result.
    Old habits die hard eh masterchef? Favoritism creeping in to 2015. Point in case, Georgia and Jessica in the past few weeks.
    Like in earlier seasons’ turnoffs, I feel the same now, even my children are sensing them.
    Shame, ’cause Masterchef is one of our favorite show!

  • kk

    Right, i think a lot of us can feel that the judges are favouring Georgia. I’m afraid that she ‘ll be the arranged winner…you can tell also from how much proportion her interviews occupied the show. If u think of the show maker wants us to know how the winner became winner and his / her path in details, you’ll understand why they allocated more air time for him / her. This time i can feel Georgia has most of the air time.
    Though, she’s a cook who can’t do barbecue, can’t even do simple barbeque wings and can’t do seasoning right….

    • CD Stan

      I am not seeing the favoritism you are claiming they are giving her to be honest, granted I do have a problem though and that is that they seem to be turning the show almost into Master Pastry Chef.
      Hopefully next season will challenge the people more and push them away from relying on any one area that they excel at as a crutch to get them through to finals.

  • Rosalie

    Very dissapointed with the elimination of Reynold.
    I felt he was robbed of his position in the free choice challange where he made his amazing apple and caramel desert. His desert was so technical with so many elements that none of the other contestants could match.
    As taste is very subjective I thought is was wrong to put Jessica’s desert ahead of Reynold’s whenn it clearly was clumsy in comparison.
    I also think in the following immunity challage the contestants should have been able to choose what course they wanted to cook by the order
    oft heir results from the prprevious challange, not by the luck of a draw
    That also put Reynold at a huge disadvantage!
    Very unfair for him after being robbed of the win in the previous challage with his most impressive cook!
    Shame on Masterchef for the clear manipulation of the results for the competition! !