Masterchef Elimination Justine’s French Challenge 2

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination was a french challenge. The guest judge tonight was Justine Schofield and the challenge was to cook french inspired food.

The contestants up for elimination tonight are the losers of the team challenge last night.


Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Tonight the contestants were asked to cook a french inspired dish with duck and orange. Jacqui was cooking a hot pot, Georgia was cooking a Consommé and Ava was cooking a duck a l’orange. Georgia’s Consommé looked good, but it tasted like lemon, rather than orange and the duck’s fat wasn’t rendered enough.

It was down to the tasting. First up was Jessie’s Pan seared duck with pumpkin and orange puree recipe. The judges loved the orange puree and the carrots were fantastic.

Next up was Jessica’s Duck breast with kimchi salad and sticky orange sauce. The dish was supposed to have pancakes but they didn’t work and she left them off the dish. Gary said it absolutely made him think of Duck a l’orange. George also loved the sauce

Jacqui’s Duck a l’orange hot pot dish was next to be judged. A comment was made instantly as George was serving up, “where is the sauce?” Gary says he doesn’t really like it. George says it doesn’t really work.

Georgia is concerned about her dish as she brings it up to be judged. She has made a duck, orange and fennel consume. The judges notice that skin has not been cooked properly. Justine loves that she has pushed herself. George says it was a mistake to put the lemon into the consume. Gary says the duck is too fatty.

Ava is up next. She has cooked a warm duck salad with figs and goats cheese. Gary is concerned that the flavour combinations won’t work. George asked where the orange was. Ava replied that it was in the salad and the sauce. Gary says the duck is cooked really well. The rest however has lots of problems, it’s bitter and there was no orange flavour.

Four contestants did really well. But two did not do so well. Ava and Jacqui.

Ava was eliminated form Masterchef tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Masterchef Elimination Justine’s French Challenge

  • Oliver

    Is Georgia related to the one of the judges??? She started the show stating she was great with fish and totally made a screw up of two fish dishes, man she should be gone week 1 & 2. Why is she still there? I’m baffled big time..

    • Wondering

      Why was Ava eliminated and not Georgia or Jackie????? Ava’s duck was great. Georgia had nothing right with any of her food and yet she is still there. Do the tears on tap really work that well. As for Jackie, hopeless is all I can say