Masterchef Elimination – Anna vs Billie vs Ashleigh

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is between Anna, Billie and Ashleigh. They lost the pomegranite team challenge yesterday so are in tonight’s pressure test. Who is eliminated from Masterchef tonight? They will be cooking a veal dish by Marcus Wareing.

masterchef elimination

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The dish had 13 elements including a kidney, veal and a milk tuile. Anna was hoping for a dessert, and thinks she might struggle with this dish. There were three different cuts of meat in this dish.

Anna was quick off the mark, she had her confit garlic on  straight away. Ashleigh was a bit upset, she was struggling with the butchering of the meat, she wasn’t in a good head space tonight, hopefully she will pick up as the night progresses. All of a sudden, Anna nicked her finger with a knife and needed some quick medical attention.

Billie grew up on a dairy farm, she didn’t mine the butchering of the meat and trimmed her kidney quickly. It took  the other contestants a little while to do this.

Ashleigh struggled with her tuile, she really wasn’t right, she was doubting herself and slowing down. Anna and Billie were steamrolling ahead.

Ashleigh has picked up and is back on track.

Reynald is concerned about how Anna is cooking her kidney. She is just searing it in the pan while the other contestants have seared theirs and then put them into the oven. He is concerned she is not following the recipe.

Billie seems under control until she burns her hand on a frypan handle. She doesn’t let it bother her and continues to cook.

Ashleigh is bringing all of the elements of the dish together and she is feeling a lot more confident.

Anna cuts through her kidney and it is raw in the centre so she puts it back in the frypan.

Ashleigh’s kidney is also raw in the centre so she decides to cook it on the frypan too but only on one side.

Anna has burnt her kidney fat. She has no time to re-do it.

Billie has started plating up already. She has completed all her elements with 3  minutes to go.

Ashleigh and Anna start plating up too.

1 minute is remaining.

Ashleigh’s kidney is still really raw.

Time is up. The girls are feeling really emotional about how they have performed today.

It’s time for tasting. First up is Billie. Marcus says it’s a knockout dish. Matt says it is delicious and his kidney is perfectly  cooked. Marcus says she has an amazing future.

Anna is up next. She is feeling proud but concerned that she has missed a step of glazing her ribs. The judges criticise her tuiles and notice the fat is missing. Her kidney is also raw. Marcus likes the confit garlic. Matt is concerned about the kidney and that the ribs are not glazed.

Last up to be judged is Ashleigh. Ashleigh is not confident in what she has presented. Matt notices that the kidney is raw. He likes the flavour of the sauce though. Marcus said the veal was tender and beautifully cooked.

It seems that either Ashleigh or Anna will be going home tonight.

Marcus said that Billie’s dish was the standard of a professional chef. Therefore she is safe tonight.

Anna’s veal loin was beautifully cooked but her kidney was raw. Ashleigh’s veal was great but her kidney was raw and her onions were taken too far. One of them overcooked their brains and failed to glaze it.

Anna has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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