Masterchef Press Club Challenge – Who is safe? 27

Tonight’s Masterchef Challenge is a cook off at Georges Press Club restaurant. One contestant will be safe and the rest will go through to an elimination tomorrow. Each contestant must cook one of George’s dish and 35 VIPs and chefs will be eating at the restaurant.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The dishes were:

  • Monocrhome, a greek green salad and a greek easter bread
  • Whiting and lamb tsastiki and treacle bread
  • Devils footsteps which was made from onions, leeks and shallots and a lamb kalamaki
  • Creme brulee a-la-greek with commandaria

Jessica’s advantage from last night was that she was able to choose the dish she was cooking tonight. She chose the Whiting and lamb. The rest of the contestants pulled knives to see what order they will choose. Georgia was first, she chose the green greek salad and Billie chose the dessert which meant Reynold had to do the whiting.

The Masterchef contestants had 4 1/2 hours before service, who will be safe tonight?

The contestants were off. Billie was making her tuiles, she had to get them the perfect thickness so they would melt when heat was applied. She made 6 perfect ones, but when she was putting it in the oven the tray didn’t fit, she had to start again. Reynold was filleting his fish, it was taking him a long time. Fish is not his strength.

Georgia was making kale puree, it wasn’t right, George told her to try again. She managed to make it work by putting it in a blender, she didn’t need to make it again.

Reynold was falling behind, it was half way through the prep time and he was still gutting his fish.

Billie was loving her dish. It was the last one that had to go out, so she had the most time.

Jessica was doing well, she was getting through her elements one step at a time. She was piping out her cannelloni but she only had enough for 30 instead of 35. She had to make more.

Reynold is up to filleting his fish. He’s not really sure how to do it and is finding the fish quite slippery.

The customers begin to fill the restaurant and the contestants have 15 minutes to complete their preparation.

Georgia’s dish is first up. She plates her dishes up and George is very happy with how they look. Gary and Matt receive the Green Greek Salad that Georgia has prepared. Gary says he thinks she has done really well. Matt says it is tasty.

Reynold is still struggling to get his fish pin boned and trimmed. Billie offers to help him as she has prepared all of the elements for her dessert.

Service time has started for Reynold. He has finally prepared all of his dish and starts to cook the fish to order. One customer sends back his fish as it was raw. Reynold is worried he will be in the bottom three. George tells him to fix it and to cook another. His dish now arrives at the judges table. Gary says it doesn’t look as sharp and clean as George’s dish. Gary loves the black garlic and the yoghurt. Matt says there could have been a little bit of salt. Gary says there could have been more lamb fat.

Jessica’s dish is going to be served next. She is frantically trying to prepare her dish. Georgia offers to help. Jessica cannot get something out of the deep fryer and bursts out in tears. Georgia begins helping her to plate up. Suddenly Jessica drops two of her leek cannelloni’s  onto the floor. She is devastated as she did not prepare any spares. So she decides to cut the leeks in half and serve only a half portion. She went out to the customers and apologised to them. Her dish finally goes out for the judges to taste. Gary says the fondant potatoes looked delicious however they were undercooked. Matt says the lamb was delicious.

It’s time for the desserts to go out. Billie is now going to make her snow with the liquid nitrogen. Her dish goes out to the judges for tasting. Matt loves the textures of the dish and that the sponge is super light.

Service is over. The contestants and George all have a beer to celebrate their success.

It’s judgement time. The winner of the challenge goes straight through to the finals. Jessica and Reynold are going straight into the elimination tomorrow. The two dishes of the day belonged to Billie and Georgia.

Georgia is safe today and is going straight through to the semi finals.


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27 thoughts on “Masterchef Press Club Challenge – Who is safe?

  • Mary Grace

    Please, we’ve had enough of Jessica weeping & carrying on. She is not as talented as Billie & Georgia who should be in the finals. Reynold has coasted on his ability to prepare desserts without having a deeper understanding & experience of cooking. His time too is up. I am however worried about the gender bias of the judges who seem to want to bend over backwards for Reynold who just doesn’t have the broader skills!!

  • Kris farrar

    I am completely over the females ( mostly Jessica and Georgia)on this show sobbing their way thru the contest. I have been watching this show since the beginning and am growing increasingly tired of people like Jessica throwing tantrums and crying at the slightest problem.

      • Michelle

        Please – it has been so obvious from the start that Georgie is the favourite. Come on Billie so composed, helps all the others and can COOK!!!!

      • Andrea

        Thought I was the only one so irritated by the favouritism towards Georgia. She has been dragged through to this point by the other contestants and the judges. Especially Gary who is so obviously smitten by her. I cannot look at her cutesy, googly-eyed expressions to the judges anymore. Billie is by far the best and most innovative cook. Go Billie!!

        • Sue

          Andrea you are spot on. Georgia is the favoured one. She would have gone Monday with the mouth full on a wooden spoon if it had been an elimination. Go Billie

      • NT

        I would be surprised if Billie didn’t win. Out of all the contestants she’s the most composed and that’s part of being a great chef is about, working well under pressure and not throwing tantrums and bawling their eyes out. Billie just knuckles down and gets the job done, more than the other two girls. As for Reynold, he would definitely make a great pastry chef. I woudl like to see Billie and Reynold in the finals.

        • twinklestar

          One of our favourites will be leaving the masterchef kitchen tonight…who could it possibly be????… bet it would either be Billie or Jessica…i don’t think Reynold is a favourite, as his strength only lies in dessert..he has been under the radar and very close to elimination point many many a times…..since Georgia the protected species is safe…it would most likely be the top favourite Billie and perhaps Jessica…hmmmm got 2 hrs more before we all go into nailbiting moments…..hope its not Reynold nor Billie….

  • Joan Mather

    I am surprised by the fact that Georgia won Masterchef tonight, as she only had to make a salad, whereas the other contestants had to cook.

    But then again I suppose it is pretty obvious the Judges prefer Georgia – just like they did Emelia last year!

    Hopefully Georgia will suffer the same fate as Emelia and Billy who has been the outstandingly best overall contestant will win for 2015!

  • Betty

    If Georgia can win a challenge on a salad, I am never watching Masterchef again. The producers must think the viewers are complete idiots not to see that Georgia has been favoured this entire season.

    • Sandy Gerelli

      I agree, Georgia should be embarrassed that she won on a salad, pathetic attempt by judges to get their fave through. A salad is about the limit Georgia could make in a professional kitchen. I feel sorry for the other contestants such an unfair contest, don’t know why they just don’t walk out as there seems to no point going up against Georgia

      • kk

        right, very unfair among how the difficulty level of the dishes varied. and…when the judges judhe, they don’t consider the level of difficulty. what a joke.

  • Peter

    Good result, come on Georgia you can win it, should be Billie and Georgia in the final, Jessica cant cook at all and Reynold does not deserve to win just because he can cook deserts. that’s not why people go to restaurants

  • Lucy

    Georgia pretended she wanted to help, but went straight back to cleaning up the kitchen. Billie actually took time out before her own dish was served to help Reynold. Ridiculous that these dishes are so different in difficulty, yet judged the same. I can’t believe the first semi finalist gets through because her vegetable purée was good.

  • Jack

    I can’t cook myself but having two brothers and a nephew that are chefs, each one agrees that cooking well, is only a small part of being a good chef. People skills, time management, organizational skills and most importantly a calm persona are the trades of a master chef. If Jessica and Georgia where in a real kitchen and went to pieces each time the going gets tough they would still be peeling the veggies instead of perhaps winning this competition.

  • Jen

    Feel like there’s not much point watching – Georgia is being favoured all the way. Come on producers of MC – don’t treat viewers like fools.

    • Cam

      Are you ALL Seriously Stupid?? I am referring to All of you “Complaining” & “Accusing” Georgia as being the “So Called Favourite” !!! Open your EYES when you “Watch” MS as you WILL “SEE” the Judges “ALWAYS” going to Reynold & Giving Him Tremendous Pep Talks & Constant Encouragement!! While No-one else does!! I’m Sorry but Reynold is NOT an ALL Round Chef…just someone who is Very good at Desserts Only!! Billie & Georgia deserve to be in the Final & Billie deserves to Win as she has proven herself in All Aspects of what it takes to be a Great Chef….& Stop Whinging about Georgia….she hasn’t “Cried” or whatever All the time like you All make out! Maybe if you “WATCH” it Fully you will see….& Perhaps you Will See Reynold “Always” Shaking his head & saying he’s Stuffed up & going home & bla bla bla bla….!!!

  • Sonya

    PLEASE can you get your contestants to TIE THEIR HAIR BACK…..ESPECIALLY IN A COMMERCIAL KITCHEN…OMG!! Its completely gross…I’m quite sure no chef would let anyone in their kitchen have a pony tail hanging down their shoulders. Not only is it an OH&S issue its completely unhygienic! otherwise, I love master chef.

    • kk

      lol totally agree. despite Billie is a gd cook and i like her, i also wonder why she ddidn’t get her long pony tail to be a bun when i first saw her. well maybe different ppl r just so different cos i absolutely hate it when i’m busy and my hair is swinging or on my face. it’s their choice, but yes when it comes to commercial kitchen they all need to be professional and i’ll suppose those rules of tidyness and hygiene requirements should apply, not to mention ohs too of course.

  • Andrea

    Billie is the hero of this show- Remember when Georgia cooked a pathetic soup that Gary described as an ordinary Tuesday night meal?-! give me a beak – Georgia is not half as smart as Billie but the judges are showing their bias with her. Billie is so composed, smart, sophisticated in her cooking and doesn’t suck up to the Judges- she should win this competition

  • Andrea

    Thank goodness I am amongst friends who agree Team Billie rocks- and Georgia has been carried through by sheer judge bias and life lines from team mates – time to cut the line

  • kk

    the recipe of fish…i don’t understand it…fresh fish in lamb fat, “not enough lamb fat” so u use a fresh piece of fish but get it covered by lamb fat and make it tasted like lamb…covering up the fish s own taste and freshness….what’s the point of using fresh fish then?

  • Gael Telford

    I tried cooking the ‘simple salad’ Monokhromos last night. Man, I had ingredients from one end of the kitchen to the other. There are so many steps to complete in order to bring it all together. We all loved it, but the Masterchef competitors have my utmost admiration. I watched this press club challenge segment again, and I am still blown away with these people. Well done.

  • Bee

    I can’t believe that Georgia got through to FINALS week. Jessica and Billie smashed their service, while Georgia she was lagging and crying behind them. Is this show a joke now? I was such a Masterchef fan but after seeing Georgia scrape through every bloody round for no apparent reason except that the judges adore her is absolute bullshit.

    • mei

      i totally agree with all the 25 comments about favouritism showered on the drama queen Georgia. I thought I was watching a soap opera during the finale when as usual she cried and George came to comfort/pacify her – omg that air time on them was sickening. Billie was so composed and tried so many times to get the golden ball element – luckily for Heston -if not the title would have gone to her drama queen eventhough the crucial element was missing .She should have been eliminated long ago ( since her raw egg corn soup/slow in service challenge etc). During the press challenge, another cry woman jessica was comforted by George and he told her that she should be proud because she chose the most difficult dish – makes viewers wonder then there must be an easiest dish – the salad dish of course – no doubt about that . She even have the luxury of going to the herb garden and air time on her again while the other 3 are struggling with their dishes.