Jamie Fleming Masterchef 2014 Contestant 1

Jamie Fleming is a 25 year old Bartender from New South Wales. Jamie joined Masterchef 2014 with that hope that he will eventually open a small bar with great food list, bistro with a food focus and a crazy bar for creativity.

Jamie Fleming

Source: Network Ten

Jamie was eliminated in finals week of Masterchef. He is now the head chef at an upcoming Sydney cocktail restaurant.
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One thought on “Jamie Fleming Masterchef 2014 Contestant

  • Maria Nashrulla


    My husband and i are big fans and regular viewers of Masterchef Australia.
    Would you be kind enough to email me Jamie Fleming’s Goat cheese and Beetroot recipe ASAP, as i want to prepare the same for guests coming over tomorrow for dinner.
    Please excuse the last minute request.