Georgia Hughes Masterchef 2014 Contestant 1

Geogia Hughes is an 18 year old Masterchef 2014 Contestant from South Australia. She is currently a Physiotherapy Student but has a dream to open a café by the beach in Carrickalinga (SA) that only uses the freshest SA produce.

Georgia Hughes

Source: Network Ten


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One thought on “Georgia Hughes Masterchef 2014 Contestant

  • Rikus van Zyl

    I know it is one year later, but after the big commotion of Georgia Barnes being favoured by the judges and ending up in the grand finally it comes as no surprize… Going back to 2014’s MC AUS there was clearly favouritism towards Sarah to “get back” in the competition facing off against Georgia Hughes. Georgia and Laura were two of the most consistent cooks throughout the competition-that said being only 18 years old! Well done Ladies!!! After the 14 eliminated contestants faced off in a pressure test Georgia AGAIN ended in the top 5 and from there final two-herself and Sarah. Listening to the comments, support and attitude of the judges towards Sarah throughout the competition clearly showed favouritism towards her. And to crown it all, 9 episodes later she was eliminated in any way-AGAIN!!!! Matt, George, Gary: you guys F@£$%^ up BIGTIME on that one!!! Time to get you acts together there boys for 2016, and: YOU TIME STARTS NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rikus van Zyl
    South Africa