Heston Blumenthal Elimination on Masterchef 1

Tonight is a Heston Blumenthal Elimination on Masterchef. The contestants up for elimination are Ben, Tracy, Amy and Brent. Who will be eliminated tonight? Who will make it into finals week? Tonight is a very tough challenge to trick the eye and the mind. The contestants had 30 minutes to plan with Heston and 90 […]

Will Tracy use her immunity pin? Messina Gelati Elimination. 1

Tonight was the Gelato Messina Elimination and it is Tracy, Sarah and Emelia were up for elimination. Tracy has an immunity pin, will she use it tonight? The contestants had to cook a choc-top prepared by Gelato Messina’s head chef Nick Palumbo. The first decision in the episode was by Tracy, she decided to use […]

Who did Tracy Save? Elimination tonight with the power apron 1

Tracy had the ultimate power in elimination tonight. She was able to save one person from elimination. Who did Tracy save? She saved Laura. This left four people left. They had to get into pairs and cook against each other. The theme was Mexican and the losing team will cook off against each other to decide […]

Who wins the power apron?

Who wins the power apron? Masterchef Australia tonight is a challenge to win the power apron. The following contestants are eligible: Jamie Emelia Renea Amy Brent Tracy The challenge today is each of the six contestants cooking an entree. From there, three contestants will go through to the next round to cook a main course. […]

Masterchef Shock Elimination

UPDATE: View our live blog of tonight’s episode here Masterchef Shock Elimination tomorrow night one of the favourites will be eliminated. Up for elimination tomorrow night are: Byron Colin Sarah Brent Emelia Jamie Tracy Who will it be? We are betting that it will be Sarah. She has taken up a new a modelling contract […]

Who was eliminated? Laura, Sam or Byron?

Tonight Laura, Sam and Byron cook sushi for Nobu’s head chef. Laura cooked an amazing dessert last night, but the other two put up a very bad dish in the team challenge. Who was eliminated tonight? We’ll be keeping you up to date as the episode airs. Head chef of Nobu Melbourne, Nobu Matsuhisa, took Laura, […]

Masterchef Elimination Spoiler – Brent, Ben, Rachael and Tash 1

Masterchef Elimination tonight was between Brent, Ben, Rachael and Tash. Spoiler: We reveal who was eliminated tonight. The Contestants had to bid for ingredients at an auction between themselves. They started with 100 minutes and had to use these minutes in 5 minute intervals to bid on ingredients. Spoiler: We reveal who is eliminated below. The […]

Who was eliminated tonight? Sarah, Byron, Steven or Ben?

Who was eliminated from Masterchef tonight? Sarah, Byron, Steven or Ben? Spoiler: We will be announcing who is eliminated tonight. Joe and Grbac and Scott Picket from St Crispin on Smith Street in Collingwood, Victoria were the guests on tonight’s pressure test. Scott brought a main dish of Venison, Fig and Beetroot and Joe brought a […]

Who was eliminated from Masterchef tonight? – Blind Taste Test

The Masterchef elimination tonight is a blind taste test followed by a sudden death cook-off. The losers from last night are all up for elimination, including Georgia, Sam, Rachael, Brent, Colin, Tash, Sean, Amy and Kira. Brent is the only person that is yet to win a team challenge and has been in every single […]

Masterchef Elimination

Masterchef Elimination – Hardest Dessert Challenge Yet

Tonight’s Masterchef elimination will be the hardest dessert challenge yet. Christy Tania’s Mango Alfonso takes her two and a half hours to create and consists of 10 different components. Stephen, Scott and Jamie have just three hours to complete it. The loser will be eliminated from the competition. From the first step, Scott was off to […]