Masterchef Elimination Tonight – Only 3 Ingredients

Masterchef elimination tonight involved only three ingredients. The challenge involved three rounds. The first round, the contestants could choose 10 different ingredients from the bench and once they were gone, they were not available in the next round. Four contestant will be safe and six will have 20 minutes to cook in the next round with the six remaining ingredients and in the final round it will be 3 contestants with 3 remaining ingredients.

Spoiler: See who was sent home straight after tasting the dish.

Round 1

There were a lot of good dishes this round. Ben cooked lamb cutlets with cauliflower cous cous. It was “beautiful” and all the components went well together. Emily’s sweet and sour chcken was delicious. Tracy beef and speck was also delicious. the mushrooms were perfectly caramalised and it was seasoned well. Stephen cooked duck and Emilia, a baked custard. Sam cooked lobster with sautéed leek and Sean, marron. The other contestants in the cook off was Georgia, Jamie and Brent.

The following contestants were safe:

  • Tracy
  • Emilia
  • Sam
  • Ben

Round 2

Round 2 was off to a quick start. Emily chose crab, honey and apricot jam. The judges were concerned with these flavours. Her dish was dry fired crab with truffle honey and apricot jam. Gary had never see crab and apricot jam served together in a dish and he was right, the flavours didn’t go together. The positive was the crab was cooked well.

Stephen cooked pork fillet with sautéed cabbage with red wine and bourbon jus. The pork didn’t look very good on the plate. George liked the cabbage but the pork was definitely overcooked and dry.

Georgia made smoked salmon and cucumber canapés with wasabi cous cous. It was “delicious”, the cous cous was an “interesting” texture, something you wouldn’t expect. The judges liked the dish.

Jamie cooked lamb back strap with greens and vinaigrette. Gary was worried it wasn’t going to deliver but it did. It was “wow” Matt Prestong was amazed with how well it was cooked in 20 minutes.

Sean cooked seafood and passata stew. The squid was cooked well, but there was too much passata which overwhelmed the dish.

Brent made smoked eel tartare with crispy bread. Gary loved it and it was a “clever choice” for only 20 minutes.

The following contestants were safe

  • Jamie
  • Brent
  • Georgia

Round 3

The final round was 10 minutes with the choice of only 3 ingredients. Stephen grabbed a John Dory but strugged to fillet it. Sean grabbed liver and raisins and struggled with his idea. Emily grabbed a banana and crumbs but didn’t realise there were no eggs, so grabbed condensed milk, oddly, she fried the banana first, before crumbed them.

Stephen was the first to be judged. His dish was pan-fried John Dory. The judges thought the dish was an odd shape due to the filleting issues. But it tasted amazing.

Sean was next with his fried liver with bacon and raisins. Gary thought it looked a bit “macabre” but didn’t mind if it was tasty. Matt thought he did really well with only 3 ingredients. The bacon was smokey and salty. For George the liver was inconsistent, which wasn’t perfect.

Emily’s fried banana with panko crumbs and condensed milk was the last dish. The dish looked terrible. Matt said by frying the banana first it made it starchy, not sweet. It was oily and Gary didn’t want to any more. The judges didn’t even wait to say who was eliminated, they told Emily straight away that she was the one who was eliminated.

Emily was eliminated tonight

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