Who will win the final apron?

final apron

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Tonight on MasterChef 2016, it is the final apron to decide the top 24 MasterChef contestants. The potential contestants must cook a dish by Shannon Bennet. It is the first MasterChef pressure test for the season and the best dish will win.

It is Shannon’s Snickers inspired chocolate bar. There is a parfait, tempered chocolate and a biscuit crumb. The tempered chocolate melts when the hot sauce is poured over the top.

Some contestants seem to be coping quite well with the challenge so far, although one or two are struggling especially when they are trying to multi-task. Shannon is surprised that it has taken so many contestants so long to just get the parfait into the freezer. One of the contestants has severely burnt her hand on the hot caramel.

The contestants are getting towards the end of their cooking time. Some contestants have whipped their nougat properly while others have left it too runny and it will be difficult to pipe later. They get started on the final elements to the dish and time is running out. The contestants need to put all the components into little containers to take to the judges where they will assemble their dish. There’s 5 minutes remaining. Some contestants are worried they will not have all of their elements ready. Time is up. The contestants are pleased that they have most of the elements ready to go.

The contestants each have 5 minutes to plate up their dish before it is served to the judges. Jordan is first up. Her nougat is not piping properly and her chocolate is not tempered and is broken up. She pours the sauce over the dish and the judges taste it. The judges seem relatively pleased with her dish. Next up is Melissa. Her nougat is not the right consistency either and her chocolate is not tempered. The judges taste her dish. Gary says there are some mistakes in the dish. Lauren is up next. She’s worried about her honey sauce. The next few contestants have some elements missing from their dishes. Sarah is up next. She is not happy with her peanut caramel and her nougat. She has tempered the chocolate well. The judges taste the dish. George likes the ice-cream and the parfait. Gary says the parfait is the best one by far but there  are problems with the nougat and the peanut caramel.  Finally it is Miles’ turn to plate up his dish. His peanut caramel has not worked out well and he is worried about it. He takes his dish up to the judges and they are impressed with his presentation. The judges taste his dish. Matt likes the parfait and ice-cream. Shannon loves the caramel sauce and the parfait but he is concerned about the caramel underneath.

It’s time to find out who gets the apron. Three contestants stood out to the judges today. Melissa, Miles and Sarah. Miles wins the final apron. 

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