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MasterChef 2016 kicked off tonight. It was a grand entrance by Matt, Gary, and George to all the potential contestants. There will be no limits on the number of aprons given out tonight. The potential contestants have 60 minutes to cook their signature dish, if they get all 3 yes’s from the judges, they are straight through. Otherwise, they may have a second chance tomorrow night.

One of the former applicants, Cecilia, who had to leave the show in a previous season, two years ago, due to health issues. She is back to cook again and try and make it through a second time. She is first to cook. She made a macaroons, a black sesame ball and rice ball. The judges loved it. George said there was lot of technique, Matt went and got her son to give her the apron. She is the first contestant through.

The next contestant, Matt, cooked a mushroom risotto, hoping to break the “death dish” stigma. George liked the fact that he had the courage to make it, he got the other judges to taste it. It was a yes from George. Gary says yes, Matt says it showed skill, it’s a yes from him too.

Next is Anastasia, who cooks water buffalo. The judges have never had someone cook it before. It was a yes.

More “yes” votes fly out the door. We’re up to 4 through.

The first no. Someone tries to make a Croquembouche in an hour, it’s not good.

Karmen makes a chocolate pav, it’s perfect and it’s three yes’s. Next up is an airline captain who has impressed the judges with his snapper dish and he receives an apron. Next up is Miles, he’s cooked a sticky caramelised pork belly. All three judges taste it, Matt says the pork belly needs a bit more time but he likes the combination of flavours. George says would he order this dish again or try something else. Matt says to convince him by telling him what else he can cook. George tells him he can cook again and Matt agrees. The next few contestants are also asked to cook again.

Next up is Nicola, she has made a dish called Grandpa’s lemon raspberry, he just passed away recently. The judges taste the dish. They love the jelly, the dish is sophisticated Matt says. They start to fight over the dish. She gives them some lemons from her grandfather’s garden and she receives an apron.

Next up there is a brother and sister contestant. First up is the sister Teresa, she has made a dessert and is feeling very confident. Her dessert is a pistachio ice-cream ball. Gary says its a lovely delicious dish. Matt loved the blood orange sphere. Matt says it’s a big yes from him, a yes from Gary and George says yes. Teresa runs out and is happily greeted by her family. The next few contestants are straight through with an apron as well.

It’s finally Teresa’s brother’s turn to cook for the judges. The judges are impressed with the look of Jimmy’s dish. They’ve almost cleaned the plate by eating it all. George walks off. He brings his sister and his mum back. George says its the best dish they’ve tasted ever. Gary says it’s bloody delicious. It’s “Yes” all round. Jimmy is through.

Tomorrow night, there are 11 contestants cooking again, and only 5 aprons. Who will win? Who are the next MasterChef contestants?

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