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Tonight is Masterchef elimination, the red team from yesterday’s challenge is going into an elimination. Charlie, Matt, Zoe, Mimi, Cecilia, Heather, Elise and Anastasia.

First up the judges ask Matt if he is going to play his immunity pin tonight. He decides to play the pin tonight, so he is now safe.

Now the contestants are down to seven. The challenge today is a new one. It’s called the one inch cube. Correctly identify the cube and you are safe, be one of the first four to get it wrong and you are cooking in the second round. Then Matt tells them it is a blind tasting challenge. The contestants are looking worried.

The contestants are all blindfolded and the one inch cubes are wheeled in on a big table. Cecilia is up first. Gary puts a cube in front of her. She bites into it and it crunches, it’s an apple. Charlie is up next, he gets a block of cheddar cheese. He guesses correctly. Next up is Heather.

She gets a cucumber and she guesses correctly. Next up is Zoe. It looks like some type of meat. She guesses chicken. Elise guesses feta. Mimi guesses orange. The contestants continue to get their guesses correct. It’s back to Mimi and it’s her second guess. She guesses it’s a nectarine but it’s a mango. She is the first person going in to round two. Cecilia is up next, it’s a type of meat. She guesses chicken. It’s wrong, it’s ham. She is also in round two.

Charlie is up next and guesses eggplant and is correct. The contestants continue to get their answers correct. It’s Heather’s turn again. She guesses it’s a grapefruit but it’s a lemon. She is also in round two. There is only one more spot left. Zoe is up next and it looks like raw tuna. She thinks it smells like fish. She guesses correctly that it is tuna. Elise is up next. She guesses veal but it’s lamb. She is the final contestant in round two.

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Charlie, Zoe and Anastasia are all safe. Mimi, Cecilia, Heather and Elise are all in the elimination round. The need to cook a dish that heroes the cube that they go wrong. The have 60 minutes and an open pantry. Mimi is cooking with mango. Cecilia is cooking with ham. Heather is cooking with lemon. Elise is cooking with lamb.

Mimi is making a mango syrup and a mango jelly. She begins to make a custard.

Heather is making a lemon calamari.

Elise is making a lamb cutlet with a lemon crumb and a pumpkin puree.

Cecilia is making a ham croquette with a salad.

Elise is feeling pushed for time, it has taken her way too long to french her lamb. Heather is still thinking of lemon elements for her dish. She is now making a lemon honey mayonnaise. Elise finally crumbs her lamb and gets it into the oven. Matt comes and talks to her and asks where is the wow factor with her dish. Cecilia is making a béchamel based croquette. Mimi making a mango syrup. Elise decides to add some caramelised onions to her dish, she adds some beer to the onions to hopefully make it stand out. There’s only 15 minutes remaining. Cecilia starts deep frying her croquettes. Heather is having trouble with her crumb not sticking to her calamari. She doesn’t know what to do but she knows if she doesn’t get it right she will be going home. Heather runs into the pantry and grabs some flour to add to her mix. The calamari crumb works better this time round. Elise checks on her lamb and realises it’s not going to cook in time. She decides to take it out of the oven and pan fry it. All of the contestants begin to plate up their dishes. Elise tastes her sauce but it’s too salty. Time is up!

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. The first dish to be tasted belongs to Mimi. She has made a mango jelly with a mango custard. The judges taste the dish. Gary really likes the custard and so does George. Matt says it’s a delicious plate of food.

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Next up is Heather. She has made a lemon crumb calamari with lemon pepper dressing and mayo. The judges taste her dish. Gary loves the crunchy calamari. George also likes the lemon mayo. Gary questions whether there is too much lemon.

Next up is Cecilia. She has made ham crocquettes with a caprese salad. The judges taste her dish. Gary says the biggest problem is that he can’t taste the ham. The judges question whether this is more of a cheese dish than a ham dish.

Elise is up next. She is embarrassed that she has decided to serve her salty sauce with her dish and she fears that it will send her home. The judges like the look of her dish. Gary says she has the flavours of a Sunday roast. He liked the pumpkin. George likes the onions but not the salty sauce.

It’s time to find out who will be eliminated tonight. Mimi is safe tonight.

Cecilia has been eliminated from Masterchef Australia tonight.

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