Shock Elimination on Masterchef

Tonight on Masterchef the blue team from last night’s challenge are all up for elimination. The elimination tonight will be in two rounds. In round one they must prepare a raw dish, no heat can touch any part of the dish. They must choose one ingredient from the pantry. The ingredient they choose in the first round they must also use in the second round as a cooked item. They have 30 minutes only.

Nidhi chooses cauliflower and is making a cauliflower salad.

Con has chosen tuna. He is going to marinate it in soy and is making an avocado mousse.

Jimmy is making a scallop ceviche.

Theresa is making a pear salad.

Miles has also chosen tuna.

The judges come past Nidhi’s bench and she explains her dish. They are not impressed and tell her she needs to be doing more. They tell her it’s now a 12 minute challenge for her. She says that she cannot change it.

Chloe is making a scallop ceviche.

The judges walk up to Con’s dish and say wow! George says he really loves it. The plate is emptied by the judges. Next up is Nidhi. Matt says it’s a missed opportunity. Chloe is up next with her ceviche scallops. George says it is a very good dish and it looks beautiful. The next few dishes are also loved by the judges. Miles is up next. Matt says the mayonnaise is too eggy for the dish. Theresa is up next. The judges taste her dish. Gary says the dish is lacking in something. Next up is her brother Jimmy, he has made a ceviche of scallops. Gary says the dish is really acidic and he cannot taste the fennel and cannot taste the scallops. 

These contestants are in round two. Theresa, Nidhi and Miles. These three contestants now have to use the main ingredient they used in round one but now they have to cook it. Theresa has pears, Nidhi has cauliflower and Miles has tuna. 

Miles is making tuna crusted in sesame seeds with a cucumber salad. Theresa is making a mulled wine poached pear with a crumble. Nidhi is making a cauliflower platter with components of indian foods.

Theresa is now making a parfait. Nidhi is making a mint chutney. Miles is searing his tuna.

Theresa is trying to quenelle her parfait but is frozen solid. Nidhi starts plating up her dish. Miles slices through his tuna and it cooked perfectly. There’s one minute remaining. Theresa runs out of time and she hasn’t plated up her sauce.

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. Miles is up first. The judges think the dish looks great. They taste the dish and they absolutely love it. Gary says it is so delicious and the the dressing is great. George says it is a cracking dish. Matt says he has done a great job.

Next up is Theresa. Her plate looks a little sparse without the sauce. The judges taste the dish. George liked the biscuit. Matt agrees and says it goes well with the pear, he also liked the pear balls. Gary thinks it does miss the syrup and they all agree that it needs more ice-cream.

Nidhi is the final person to present her dish to the judges. She has made a cauliflower paratha and mint chutney, and entree style tasting platter. Gary like the paratha with the chutney but all of the judges agree the bhaji are not good. It’s not looking good for Nidhi.

It’s time to find out who is going home. The judges tell Miles that he is safe as they loved his dish. Either Theresa or Nidhi is going home tonight.

Nidhi has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

They judges get a little emotional saying goodbye and tell her they will miss her. There’s hugs all round.

Don’t forget that Nigella Lawson week starts this Sunday night.

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