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masterchef elimination

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Tonight on Masterchef, Miles, Jimmy and Chloe will be battling it out in a pressure test. The three contestants arrive at Masterchef headquarters and are greeted with cheers from their fellow contestants on the balcony. The judges and Nigella are also there. Today’s pressure test has been set by Nigella. Today’s challenge is all about timing. The judges produce three cloches. The contestants are told that they are not cooking one dish but they are cooking three. They are making a crab avocado salad, lamb with radishes and peas and a coffee panacotta with a chocolate coffee sauce. Nigella gives the contestants some hints on how to cook the dishes and then the contestants get to taste the dishes.

The contestants have to cook all of the three dishes in one hour. Their time begins.

Chloe starts on her panacotta straight away so that she can get it into the fridge on time.

Miles also gets started on his panacotta but is feeling confident as he did so well in the last pressure test. He decides to not measure his ingredients but to use his intuition.

Jimmy is making sure he follows the recipe correctly as he admits he is an instinctive cook naturally and doesn’t usually follow recipes.Mile’s continues to ignore the recipe and doesn’t wait for his panacotta to cool before putting it into the moulds and into the fridge.Jimmy re-reads his recipe and realises that he has made a mistake with his panacotta and decides to start it again.

Jimmy finally gets his panacotta into the fridge with only 36 minutes remaining, he is worried it might not set in time. Chioe and Miles are both up to their lamb dish. Chloe starts preparing his veg for the main. Miles takes his lamb out of the oven but decides it’s a little under so he leaves it in a little longer. The judges are concerned that he is not following the recipe instructions correctly.

There’s ten minutes remaining and the contestants are working as hard as they can. Chloe suddenly realises that she has put all her dressing on the crab when she was supposed to save half for the salad. There’s only 5 minutes remaining now and the kitchen is frantic. The contestants start plating up. Jimmy cuts into his lamb and it is quite rare. He knows he is in trouble. Miles and Jimmy get their panacottas onto a plate. Nigella is worried that Chloe has not gotten her panacotta onto the plate yet. There’s one minute to go. Nigella looks like she is in shock. The three contestants all managed to get something on the plate. Time is up.

It’s time for the contestants dishes to be tasted. Miles is up first. The judges taste his entree. Nigella cannot taste the wasabi and Gary says he cannot taste the dressing at all. Matt says it is still a fresh tasting dish. Next they taste the lamb dish. Nigella likes it. Gary says his lamb is beautifully cooked however the gravy is a bit different. Next they taste the dessert. Nigella says the flavour of the panacotta is a little different to hers. Matt says he has a big lump of sand in his, and that it’s not a panacotta.

Next up is Chloe. The judges taste her entree. George says there is a lot of dressing in her crab. Matt and Gary say they love it. Next they taste the lamb dish. George says the lamb is cooked well. Nigella says the peas are cooked well. Finally they taste her dessert. Nigella says the panacotta is not quite as smooth as she would have liked it.

Finally it’s Jimmy’s turn. The judges comment that his dishes don’t look great. They taste his crab dish and his crab salad is not quite right. Next they taste the lamb. Nigella is shaking her head. George doesn’t want to eat it so he puts his knife and fork down, the lamb is just way too rare. Gary comments on the lack of seasoning. Finally they taste the panacotta. Gary says it was the smoothest of all the three.

It’s time to find out who is safe and who is going home. Chloe is safe today. Nigella says that her food made the judges smile. So now it’s between Jimmy and Miles. Jimmy has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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