MasterChef Elimination Karmen vs Olivia vs Chloe

masterchef elimination olivia chloe and karmen

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Masterchef Elimination tonight is Karmen, Olivia and Chloe with special guest, former Masterchef contestant Reynold. Who was eliminated from Masterchef tonight? Find out here.

Karmen, Olivia and Chloe arrive at Masterchef headquarters. They are greeted by the judges. Today one person is going home. Today’s pressure test is to recreate a signature dish from guest cook Reynold, a former Masterchef contestant. Under the cloche today is dish created by Reynold, it’s a dessert called “Moss”. The elements consist of apple blossom pear, yoghurt foam, apple sorbet and pistacho mousse ball with a caramel inside. The contestants taste the dish. Reynold rates the difficulty of the dish as a 9/10. They have two and a half hours to produce the dish and 10 minutes at the end to plate it up. Their time begins.

There are over 40 steps in the recipe. Karmen is hoping she will do well as desserts are her forte. Olivia has a made a good start although Chloe feels that she is running behind. Karmen has to repeat a step of the recipe as it did not work, she is now running behind and again it has not worked. She mixes some cream through the mix and it is looking better.

Olivia seems to be ahead of the other two girls. Karmen is frantically running around the kitchen. There’s 30 minutes remaining. Olivia begins to join her matcha balls together. Karmen is also up to this step. She coats all three of her spheres so that she is able to chose the best looking one. Chloe has only made the one sphere.

There’s 15 minutes remaining. Karmen is working on her pistachio foam. Olivia’s sponge has not worked out correctly. She also realises that she has left the gelatine out of the foam mix. All of the contestants are feeling that they are running out of time. Who will be eliminated tonight? Karmen’s white chocolate is not caramelising. She thinks she might leave the dolce cremone off the plate. There’s only one minute remaining and they are all running around. Olivia falls running to the blast chiller to get her balls out? Will she make it in time or leave the main element off the plate. The caramel and mousse will be frozen when she serves it to the judges, she is very worried.


Source: Twitter

It’s time for the judges to taste the dishes. First up is Chloe. She begins to assemble the dish. It looks quite nice. She takes it out to the judges. The judges are impressed with her plating up. They cut the sphere open and the caramel oozes out. The judges taste the dish. Reynold says the mousse is nice and smooth and the coating is nice and thin. George really likes the mousse. Gary likes the sponge. They are all quite impressed.

Karmen is up next. She has plated up her dish well but she is missing one element. The judges notice the missing element straight away. They are however impressed with her overall plating skills. George cuts open the sphere and they comment the caramel looks good but is too thick. Gary says the sphere tastes nice and the sorbet is great. George says the sponge is lovely and light. Matt likes the caramel and the jelly was beautiful.

Finally it’s Olivia’s turn. She has produced all the elements but is not happy with the quality of some of the elements. The judges taste the dish. George comments that the sponge is not as light and aerated as it should be but the mousse is still frozen. Reynold comments that the caramel is a bit blonde. It’s now time for the judges to make their decision.

The judges announce that Chloe is safe tonight. Karmen is safe. Olivia has been eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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