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Tonight is the Masterchef 2015 Grand Final, who wins Masterchef 2015? We will be live blogging tonight so stay tuned to find out the Masterchef winner. It is Billie vs Georgia in a Heston Blumenthal pressure test.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

There will be three rounds tonight. Whoever has the most points at the end of the three rounds will the be masterchef 2015 winner. George, Matt and Gary will be the judges.

Round 1 – Mystery Box Challenge

Round 1 will be a mystery box challenge. It was filled by fishermen and farmers. It contained Tomahawk steak, honey and honeycomb, strawberries, mushrooms, goats cheese, Yakon, Daintree vanilla, pear cider, and pineapple sage. Billie and Georgia had 1 hour to cook a dish and 30 points were up for grabs.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Georgia was going to use the goats cheese, vanilla beans, strawberries and was going to make a strawberry consommé with a goats cheese ravioli. Billie was also using the strawberries and the vanilla. She was slow baking the strawberries with the pear cider. Her dish was “strawberries 3 ways”. She was also making a strawberry parfait.

The judges come over to Georgia’s station. Gary and George both say, they haven’t had a good sweet ravioli before, they were questioning whether it will work. Georgia decided to continue anyway, she had to take the risk and make it work.

Billie had her strawberries baking in the oven and puts her parfait into a mould and into the blast chiller. Matt came over to her station and asked if she was pushing herself. She needed to do more. She decided to add some extra elements. She made some pineapple sage sugar and a caramel. She was multitasking like crazy. There was 10 minutes to go.

Georgia started making her ravioli, it just contained goats cheese, her pasta was a bit thick, but hoped it would be ok.

With 5 minutes to go, it was time to start plating up. Georgia put her ravioli in the pot and Billie was taking her parfaits out of the freezer. She was debating how to plate up the dish. She made so many elements she wasn’t sure how to do it.

1 minute to go. The ex-contestants were counting down. Both of them got their elements on the dish.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter


Billie’s dish

Gary couldn’t pick the flavour in the parfait, George said there were a lot of good, different textures. Matt said all the elements didn’t talk to each other in the dish.

Gary – 7 / 10
George – 7 / 10
Matt – 7 / 10

Total: 21 / 30

Georgia’s dish

Gary said he’s not convinced with sweet pasta dishes. He said what she managed to do was add the vanilla to the pasta which changed the dish. George said it was clever to make a “warm salad” by using ravioli.

Matt – 8 / 10
George – 7 / 10
Gary – 8 / 10

Total: 23 / 30

Geogia was in the lead.

Round 2

George announced that it was a special day, and so they had some special guests. It was Billie and Georgia’s families. The contestants have 90 minutes and an open pantry. They had to cook 6 dishes, 3 for the judges and 3 for their family.

Billie was making scallops with a fennel cream, orange and ginger and some spiced nuts and Georgia was making mushroom custard, sauteed mushrooms and a hazelnut cream. Gary and George came over to Billie’s station and again, questioned whether she was being too simple. She was going to add some roasted ginger.

Georgia was putting some poppy seeds to her dish. She was putting her mushroom puree into some moulds and into the oven.

There was 10 minutes to go. Gary asks Georgia what her oven was on and looked like it might be a bit high. She took them out. and put them in the chiller. They worked.

It was a rush to plate up all the dishes, but they got there. Billie wasn’t happy with the presentation of her dish, she had spent too much time making sure the scallops were cooked perfectly.


Billie’s Dish

Billie’s dish was first to be tasted. Matt said the textures were great. His favourite thing was the puree, it was silky smooth. Gary said it has “bags of flavour”. George finished it all.

George – 8 / 10
Gary – 8 / 10
Matt – 9 / 10
Total: 25 / 30

Georgia’s Dish

Next was Georgia’s mushroom custard. Her family loved it. Matt also loved it, it had “loads of different mushrooms in loads of different ways”. Gary said it was “earthy and interesting”. George said it just goes to show you can make a plate with no meat on it.

Matt – 9 / 10
George – 9 / 10
Gary – 9 / 10
Total: 27 / 30

Georgia was the winner of round 2.

Billie had a score of 46 and Georgia was on 50 points. There were 4 points the difference and Georgia was in the lead.

Round 3 – Pressure Test

It is the final round, who will win Masterchef 2015? The final round is a pressure test by Heston Blumenthal. It is the longest recipe ever used in a pressure test. Heston reveals the dish he has made, it was called “Botrytis Cinerea”. It has a cheese soil, a peach jelly, red grape in nitrogen, aerated saffron, a chocolate sphere filled with pear caramel and popping candy and the list goes on. Heston says this recipe has 55 stages. Ignore the recipe at your peril is his warning. The most difficult components are the food gel and the chocolate sphere and the sugar ball. This seems to be the toughest pressure test ever on Masterchef. The contestants have 5 hours to complete the preparation and 15 minutes to assemble the dish.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Their time has begun. Georgia is already looking flustered as she reads through the recipe. Billie is being quite precise with measuring the ingredients for the recipe. Billie and Georgia seem to be working at the same sphere, and they have both completed the first element. Gary calls out to them that they are behind schedule, and if they don’t hurry up then they won’t finish.

It was intense, Georgia was flustered, she was trying to keep her station clean. George came over and told her to stop worrying about Billie and take two minutes to breath. Billie was cool and calm, she was getting through the elements one at a time.  She was good at multitasking and was smashing through the recipe. Georgia was struggling behind. It was half way.

Georgia was making her gel, but on the way to the fridge she spilled it on the floor. She had to clean it up, but couldn’t afford to do it again. She put what was left in the fridge and hoped there would be enough. She broke down and cried. George came over again and gave her another talk.

Georgia picked up momentum, there was an hour to go and she started cooking really fast. Billie was onto her popping candy spheres. They came out of the mould beautifully. She was up to the sugar ball. This was the hardest part. she put on her gloves and goggles. She started pulling apart the sugar until it was shiny, it was just like blowing glass. She broke the first one. Heston said it usually takes 3 days for a chef to perfect it. After 40 minutes, she finally got the sphere to work but then it cracked. It was heart breaking. She was so disappointed. Somehow, she got the courage to try again, she finally got one of the spheres out.

It was Georgia’s turn to do the sphere. She only had 5 minutes but had other elements to do. She decided to ditch the sugar ball and work on here other spheres.

Time was up.

Billie was first to plate up. She had all the elements on the dish. Heston was “a little bit gobsmacked” the gels were done brilliantly, comparable to his. Heston said “whatever happens, she has a big future ahead of her”. Matt said it was the best cook he had seen in the Masterchef kitchen.

Next was Georgia’s dish. She put an extra popping candy sphere to balance the missing sugar ball. Heston said, when you put all the elements together, they balance. George said there was a couple of issues, the sugar sphere was missing and the gel was grainy. Matt said the flavours were great, but there were some significant errors on the plate. Gary questioned whether she still has a lead.


Georgia’s dish

Heston – 7 / 10
Matt – 7 / 10
George – 8 / 10
Gary – 8 / 10
Total: 30 / 40

Billie’s dish

Gary – 9 / 10
George – 9 / 10
Matt – 9 / 10
Heston – 9 / 10
Total: 36 / 40


Billie is the winner of masterchef 2015



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35 thoughts on “Masterchef 2015 Winner

  • Peter(not the second one)

    Georgia cooks and works just as hard as anybody else. Why does everyone always sook about her having “a dream run”?

  • Peter

    Why do i keep thinking that Georgia has had a dream run?? Just looking at some oily sweet ravioli and they will love it.
    She has had help all thw way through. Billie has been calm and consistent right through the competition.
    Bit of a joke

    • Cee

      It’s a total joke!! georgia is a jinx, the judges don’t know it yet, but they won’t have a show next year bacuse of this!

  • Matt not in preston

    I really don’t understand why the judges contradict themselves all the the time. One time they say keep it simple when using the best produce. Then they say to Billie you should be more inventive? Wtf. Again masterchef is contrived and set up to let Georgia win. After last nights farce of giving Georgia an extra half an hour for service. Boo masterchef. Loved lots of challenges over this years competition but it got a little unbelievable with two weeks to go.
    Please keep it just about the cooking to keep the viewers excited.

    Matt Inpreston.

  • Lorna

    Cannot believe that Georgia is even in final in every team challenge she lost it. Fell apart Three times she has served her food last while the guests have had to wait. Isn’t that the part that should be judged as well, otherwise why do the challenge, seems no matter what Georgia does she wins. Billie is an amazing chef I honestly believe this game is fixed. Hence why they had to mark Georgia up for first two rounds as they know she will fall apart in the next round just as she has all season so disappointing the best cook is not going to win if it’s Georgia.
    Last time I’ll watch this show totally rigged all the way

  • Shyamali

    Whatever Georgia does they will ‘love it’. It’s crazy. Cmon Billy …… Keep going and do your best….. You are the best!

  • Cee

    Reply ↓
    July 27, 2015 at 8:52 pm
    It’s a total joke!! georgia is a jinx, the judges don’t know it yet, but they won’t have a show next year bacause of this!!! This show is sooo rigged! Hasn’t clicked the judges’ numbed skulls that while they are the masterchef judges, we, the audience, are their judges!

    • Cee

      It takes years of training to make a sugar ball, and billie does it again,people!!! God, she is soooo amazing!!! Let her win!!! I hope Mr. Blumenthall saves the day and show who the real winner here!!!

    • Cee

      It takes years of training to make a sugar ball, and billie does it again,people!!! God, she is soooo amazing!!! Let her win!!! I hope Mr. Blumenthall saves the day and show who the real winner here!!! She’s sooo good, i can’t help thinking even the judges are quite intimidated by her!!!!

  • Quinoa

    Funny, I never watched the show ever and have been watching tonight for some reason. During the early days of this season I always saw this Georgia girl on the adverts and I said yeah she will probably win. They seemed to focus on her heaps.

    Here we are now… :s

  • kk

    i feel the judges will make up excuses for georgia s mistake of missing one element and give only 3 points extra to billie so she still 1 point less than georgia so she can win.
    why not just given her that bloodly trophy in the beginning

  • Cee

    I love you Mr. Blumenthall!!! You saved the day!!!! You. Are. My. Hero!!! Billie, you bring me and all the audience joy!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m soooo happy for you!!! I’m such a fan! Can’t wait to google your future recipes!!!! Me, amd my workmates are gonna be talking up a storm when we see each other again, like we’re the ones who won!!!! 😀

  • Oliver Twisted

    The right person won in the end. Billie is just amazing and with Heston’s offer she will be one the best chefs in the world at the end of it. Go for it Billie have a good life, top class effort *****…

  • Jessie

    Well done Billie!! I am SO pleased you won. I was getting scared that you wouldn’t win when Georgia was in the lead. Its not that I dislike Georgia, I guess you have to have your favourite of who you want to win! I don’t know what to think about the judges favouring Georgia??! I am sure they wouldn’t do that. Not sure what to think!

  • Marie

    So glad Heston had a say in the judgement of his dish. All the way through even though Georgia sooks and opens the water works for the smallest thing.She failed so many test the judges still put her through. She should have been sent home a long time ago. Bravo Billie for a victory well deserved. Cool, calm, and collected Billie. That what professionals do Congratulations. All the best in the UK

  • Robert

    Congrats Billie you deserve it. Watching both my favourites go into the finale was great, and i was split minded on who to support more, but ever since the beggining, i always knew that Billie could be the winner…and i was right, she is just amazing, she can deal under so much pressure and tests where other contestants break. This is the 1st season of Masterchef australia i’ve seen in my country and i love it, more than masterchef US or Asia, i love the Judges too, i love the way they comment on the dishes and the contestants, and the look on their faces and the way they react when they encounter good delicious dishes. Eagerly awating for next season to come.

  • Sharon

    I live in NZ and have decided not to watch masterchef again = why bother, the immunity pin will not be given out no matter how good the home cook. Not interested in unfair practice.

  • Ernest James Widdicombe

    Hi just watched the decadent challenge ( thats where we are in South Africa ) Must say Reynolds dessert was decadent beyond belief. So enjoy the show, in fact it is the best show on tv.
    Thanks for a great format and for making the show more interesting every year, I think that last year the standards were exceptional, but this year my gosh what incredible food these ‘ amateur chefs ‘ are making.
    Thanks for a great show