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Tonight was the Masterchef Semi Final. Who was eliminated tonight and who is going into the Masterchef 2015 Grand Final? The contestants have four hours and an open pantry, they can cook anything they like but had to make 20 mains and 20 desserts. One person will be eliminated.

Georgia and Billie both started by making a plan. She put together a list of ingredients. Jessica knew what she was going to cook. She ran to the pantry and is making a roast pork belly with a dashi smoked yoghurt and a roast peach.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Georgia is making cured ocean trout with a variety of 11 different sides including dill, mayonnaise and cucumber. Billie is making a braised lamb shank with suvee backstrap with mint sauce and peas.

Billie has her shanks so she had to get started on the long parts of her dessert. She is making a spider, a take on the classic ice cream and lemonade, but with dill ice cream, a fizz of fruit, macadamia praline and rhubarb. She got her ice cream on.

Meanwhile, Georgia was still filleting her fish, she started on the pin bone. Shannon came over and questioned her filleting, it wasn’t the best filleting he had ever seen. He also told her 80 grams of trout wasn’t enough, it should probably be 120 grams. Georgia was stressed for time.

Jessica was onto starting her dessert, she was making a white chocolate dome with a grapefruit curd and popcorn sponge. Shannon came over and questioned her choice of three different components.

For dessert, Georgia was making a ygohurt parfait with mango and chilli sorbet.

Billies lamb shanks were ready. She took them out of the pressure cooker and the meat was falling off the bone. She had the idea of rolling them into a cylinder, but the meat wasn’t fine enough and it wasn’t working, she had to think of something else. At that point she remembered her roast rhubarb, but it was too late, it was overcooked. She had it on the menu so had to do something.

All of the contestants were hurrying, this meant they were making mistakes. Jessica was making a butter crumb but burnt it. She decided to blitz some of her sponge and add some popping candy instead.

Billie had recovered from her rhubarb mistake by cooking them again. She had decided to use circles instead of cylinders for her lamb.

There was an hour to go.

Georgia realised how little time was left and she was in trouble, she still had a lot of elements to do. Jessica was starting to smoke her yoghurt. The guests were starting to arrive. Jessica took out her pork belly, it looked great.

Time was up, it was service time. Georgia still had a lot to do. Orders started coming in. Billie was first to get her dishes out, followed by Jessica. Georgia still didn’t have a dish out.

Jessica has put out 16 dishes of pork, Georgia still hasn’t had one out yet. Billies dish looked great, she was keeping pace. Her dish was first to arrive at the judges table.

Billie’s dish was “braised lamb and backstrap with peas, pear and mint puree”. The judges loved the look of the dish. Gary said it was hard to stop eating it, it was absolutely delicious, she nailed it. George said she nailed both of the lambs, the highlight was the crustiness of the shank. It was “top shelf cooking”. Matt said it was a “really sophisticated” and on a whole other level.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, Georgia was still struggling to plate up, Billie had all of her mains out.

Next to the judges table was Jessica’s dish. It was pork belly with smoked yoghurt shisho and poached quince. Gary said the presentation was perfect. The pork crackling was fantastic. George said he was mesmerised by its appearance and the taste was amazing. Matt said the balance of flavours was amazing, he hadn’t had crackling this good in the Masterchef kitchen.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Jessica’s dishes were all out, Georgia was still very far away, she had another 12 mains to go. Billie was starting on her dessert.

Finally Georgia’s dish made it to the judges, it was cured ocean trout with crispy skin, cucumber and apple. Matt said it was a “technicolour explosion”. Gary said it was delicious. George said he was “falling in love with the chefiness of it”.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

It was dessert time. Georgia finally finished all her mains. The first order was in.

Billie’s Dill and rhubarb spider made it to the judges table. The judges loved it. Gary said it was “absolutely sensational”. George said it was full of flavours, it was amazing. Matt said it was zingy, tangy and sweet. George said if your got that into the restaurant you would want to meet the chef.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Next was Jessica’s dessert, Grapefruit and popcorn. The judges loved the look of the dessert. The cracked it open and a gel oozed out. They all loved the dish. The only negative George had, was the gel had a gelatine taste. Matt said the sponge was a bit heavy and questioned whether white chocolate, popcorn and grapefruit all worked together.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Finally, Georgia’s mango sorbet with vanilla yoghurt parfait was up. Matt said it looks beautiful and smells amazing but you could see the pressure Georgia was going through on the plate. George said “this is my favourite dessert”, he loved it because it had creamy and sugary. Matt loved the coriander.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? It was judging time.

Billie was first, her main was Georges favourite dish of the night. George said her dishes were faultless and that is why she was through to the final. It was down to Jessica and Georgia.

Matt said deliciousness in the competition wins over performance, so she is safe.

Jessica was eliminated from Masterchef tonight.

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25 thoughts on “Masterchef 2015 Semi Final

  • Christine chandler

    If Georgia wins I am never watching Masterchef again the judges have been so obviously biased towards her all series it is disgusting. She should have been eliminated previously but Billie saved her so it would be SO wrong if Billie lost to her in the final. Go Billie.

    • Colette

      I totally agree if Georigia wins tomortow i WILL never ever watch Madter Chef again she doesn’t deserve to even be in the finals so biased with the judges. She’s crys gets help and rides of the other contestants who finish well before her.

    • hong

      Yep agree with you and im not watching since Rose was eliminated over Georgias corn soup with raw egg. And will not watch any more series after this. It is disgusting to see the obvious favoritism the judges showed towards Georgia.

  • Jen

    Turned off when George said Georgia’s dessert was the best. The dessert was so stock! Nothing inventive. No denying it Georgia is favoured. Not watching tomorrow night. Never been so disgusted Masterchef. The producers know the person they want to win & how they want to get there (for marketing purposes) … why bother! There’s no reality TV and I won’t be following or buying anything to do with it. CIAO!

  • paul

    I cannot believe how biased the judges are in favour of that poor excuse for a cook Georgia….she wouldn’t get a job at McDonalds. It has been the same all series with George covering for her and applying different standards to his asessment of her versus others.
    If I hear one more time that she has been brouhht up on seafood but never demonstrates she can cook it I will scream.
    Like the others have said, if she wins we are never watching Masterchef again as it is rigged!!!!

  • kk

    yea obvious favouritism towards Georgia all thesw times. when they were in George s kitchen judges announced “reynold and jessica, you two steuggled in the kitchen that’s why u r going to the pressure test and for elimination”…without commenting on their favours. now Georgia is so slow and behind in service so why didn’t the judges judge in the same way?! masterchef is so unfair…no blind tasting, no other input from those 20 guests…what’s the point of inviting them to be there?!

  • kk

    what r those 20 guests doing there?!
    why didn’t masyerchef ever has the dual scoring system from guests as people’s choice then blind tasting by judges?!
    shame on u masterchef, so unfair, i’m not watching it.

  • Andrea

    Yawn!!! Georgia hacks at the fish; was going to serve entree portions for her main until Shannon told her exactly how much to serve and then had extra time in the kitchen to prepare (her dishes were also called after the other two which gave her even more time) as well as keeping the guests waiting which is a big no-no…….somehow she came through ….AGAIN!! She knew if her flavours were good, they would oversee the extra time she took to create it. With the huge amount of money and a head start to a culinary career at stake, it seems almost fraudulent that Georgia has been taken to the finals. No more MC for me, not good TV, boys!

    • Colette

      I agree how much help does she need maybe 3 boxes of tissues tomorrow. Billie is so mature and composed she should win hands down tomorrow or another MC fan lost,

    • CD Stan

      To be fair Shannon brought up to Jessica her usage of the popcorn in her dessert and she decided to stick with it so enough bashing, leave that for the US version and lets simply wish good luck to both Billie and Georgia.

  • Cossi

    Georgia has been favoured and protected from the outset. Why bother with the Como when the judges have clearly chosen the winner in week1?

  • Dee

    Cannot believe Georgia was so behind on service and still gets through. Totally wrong decision by the Judges. Taste is not everything. If I was in a restaurant and had to wait as long as it seemed you had to wait for Georgia to plate up, I would have walked out!

  • Lloyd

    Tonight’s episode of master chef was a joke !!! The judges keep changing the rules to suit themselves , one time it’s flavor and another time it’s how long you took in service and then another time it’s plating techniques . Favouritism stands out so bad where Georgia is concerned . Should of been out of competition with chicken and corn soup with raw egg yolks in it but some how survived , thanks to judges over looking it . Sorry but this isn’t fair judging !! Take a look at yourselves before next season or the show may be around for much longer!!! And what was the purpose of 20 guests ??? Didn’t make sense , no judging , just eating . Wtf !!!!!

  • J. Merrille Vardon

    why bother watching the final. everyone knows Georgia is the winner. The judges are besotted especially George, it is so obvious. Wont be watching tonight, couldn’t stand the waterworks from Georgia. She certainly knows how to manipulate the men. She was slow last night and messy with her dessert, yet she still made the final. Unbelievable!!!! No more Masterchef for me. this year really did it. 10 out of 10 for unfair judging. Matt, George and Gary, shame on you !!

    • Cee

      I totally agree with you there!!! Why bother pitting them against each other when they’re obviously soooo biased towards Georgia. Just give the damned award to georgia and be done with it! I’ve noticed one thing though, georgia seems to jinx everything and everyone around her! She’s already putting jinx on Masterchef Australia itself and will lose all their audience and lose the whole show!!!!

  • Oliver Twisted

    Georgia should’ve been gone week 1 & 2 after hacking the fish which she proclaimed to be her strong point. She turns on the water works when required, spat the dummy and threw herself on the floor when she couldn’t handle the pressure, the woman couldn’t handle making lunches in the tuck-shop at a primary school. Billie has far more kitchen skills than Georgia and goes about it in a cool and calm way no matter what the task is, producing excellent quality food every time. I like others posting here will never watch the show again no matter if Georgia wins or not, she just does not deserve to be in the final end of story. Completely wrong that the judges did not blind taste and the guests had no input, might as well have 20 hungry dogs come on and eat the food. That’s the end of my little rant and the end of Masterchef for me. Good Luck Billie you are a clear winner.

  • Lucy

    So over this. Why bother setting a challenge, only to completely disregard performance and vote on “deliciousness”? What a joke.

  • Cee

    If georgia wins, it only proves that if you’re a crier, you’ll win the masterchef judges’ heart and win!! The more you cry, the more advantage you have! Lol!!! What a joke that would be! I hope i’m proven wrong and Billie wins!!! Go, Billie! We’re all on your side! And, no matter what, for me, the winner of Masterchef 2015 is Billie Mckay!! Hah!!! 🙂