Who was eliminated tonight? 3rd elimination on Masterchef 2014

Who was eliminated tonight on Masterchef Australia 2014? It was the losers of last night’s restaurant challenge in an elimination cook-off. The contestants in this challege were Steven, Scott, Byron, Nicole, Amy, Emily, Rachael, Tash, Laura and several others. The contestants would go through two rounds. They were given one snapper and had to use it in both rounds. For the first round, they had 30 minutes to cook a dish. The top 5 will be safe, the rest will cook in round 2.

Spoiler: We will be describing the dishes and the result of the judging tonight.

Round 1

There were a few issues in the first round. Laura couldn’t figure out what to cook and spent most of the time in the pantry. Nicole was very confident and used the whole fish in the first round. This would mean that if she didn’t get through the first round she would have nothing to use in the next round and could be eliminated.

First was Emily. she east Malaysian style fish head curry. Matt Preston was eager to see a dish using the head. The dish was “smashing” and Matt Preston “has a new favourite dish”, she has done a “smashing” job. Gary wanted the recipe.

The second contestant to be judged was Amy. She cooked vanilla butter poached snapper. The lemon curd was smooth, tasty and well executed. The addition of the lime gave it a great bitterness

There were many other snapper dishes, pan seared, snapper head, deep fried snapper. There are so many contestants they didn’t show many of the verdicts.

Steven cooked snapper en papillote with garlic butter. He was a bit disappointed with the dish, the judges said he had to try harder and was unsure if it was cooked at first but then realised it was once they opened it. Unfortunately only Gary tasted it and told the others not to bother.

The final dish was Nicoles whole Chinese style snapper. She had to stick to her convictions, almost chopping the fish in half realising she may go home, but couldn’t bring herself to do it. The judges didn’t give much away while tasting. Gary said it “had a good flavour”. The fish was moist. Matt said it had great and classic flavours, but the dish should be crispy and by pouring the sauce over it made it a bit soggy. Matt thought it might be a simple dish and therefore should be perfect.

The following were called out safe:

  • Tash
  • Emily
  • Laura
  • Rachael
  • Amy

That means that the contestant eliminated from Masterchef Australia 2014 was Nicole. There was no need for Round 2

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