Who was eliminated on masterchef tonight? Second elimination 2014 1

Who was eliminated on masterchef tonight? Its the second elimination for 2014 and its Deepali, Nick, Scott and Jamie in the challenge tonight to see who will be eliminated. It was a pressure test where the contestants had to cook one of Shannon Bennet’s dishes. It was a steak with pommes soufflées, jus gras, parsley puree and shallots. The dish looked simple, but was very, very hard, especially the pommes soufflées. The contestants and 1 1/2 hours to reproduce the dish.

Spoiler alert – We will reveal who was eliminated tonight and how they cooked in the competition below.

The contestants were frantic. Scott was very slow off the mark, taking a long time to measure out his ingredients. He was a bit of a disaster throughout the competition, cooking his shallots in the wrong sauce and wiping out the pan with his chicken fat in it by accident.

The rest of the contestants seemed to be going OK, up until the pommes soufflées. Every contestant struggled with this element, except for Scott, who seemed to almost get it the first time. This allowed him to catch up to the others.

It was down to the steak. Each contestant had different sized steaks. Some cooked very large pieces then cut them, others cut them first then cooked them.

With the final countdown, all the contestants got their dishes finished to varying degrees.

Scott was the first to be judged. He was worried about his jus gras but did really wall with his pommes soufflées and his steak was a good medium rare. The judges were fairly happy with his dish, apart from the jus gras.

The next dish was Nick’s. He unfortunately burnt himself several times. His steak wasn’t trimmed, weighed or cut correctly. The steak was very rare, it was pretty much blue. His jus gras, puree and pommes soufflées were good.

Deepali was the next to be judged. Her biggest concern was the incorrect cooking of the beef. Because of her religion she was unable to taste the steak and wasn’t too sure how to cook it. It was cooked inconsistently with part being medium rare but the other part being very rare. Her pommes soufflées were more like chips, they didn’t puff up at all. Matt Preston thought the jus gras was the best he tasted.

Jamie was the final contestant to be judged. He was hoping to have done better and wasn’t too happy. The judges thought he was very emotional. The steak was cooked a perfet medium rare, his pommes soufflées needed salt, but they were puffed nicely. The puree had a general lack of seasoning and his jus gras was too thick.

The contestant eliminated tonight was Deepali

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