Who was eliminated from Masterchef tonight? – Blind Taste Test

The Masterchef elimination tonight is a blind taste test followed by a sudden death cook-off. The losers from last night are all up for elimination, including Georgia, Sam, Rachael, Brent, Colin, Tash, Sean, Amy and Kira.

Brent is the only person that is yet to win a team challenge and has been in every single team challenge elimination round.

Round 1

The contestants have 3 minutes to write down the 23 ingredients which they think are in the dish. If they get them all right they will instantly be safe. This was extremely hard though because the contestants were blind folded and unable to see the ingredients in the dish.

The ingredients the contestants get right they are able to cook with in the next round.

The blind folds went on and contestants were feeling the bits and tasting them.

The dish was a gumbo. There were chillies (jalepino), salt, prawns, onion, thyme, tomato, celery, chicken, chicken stock, garlic, parsley, bay leaf, ochre, oysters, kransky, flour, spring onions, oil, bacon, butter.

Nobody got these ingredients right: capsicum, filan poweder, tabasco.

Most of the contestants did well getting at least half. Sam had the least ingredients with seven correct guesses.

Round 2

With the little amount of ingredients each, the contestants came up with some interesting dishes. Although most of them cooked a prawn and tomato dish.

Kira cooked Spicy garlic prawns with tomato sauce. She had no oil so decided to cook the kransky to make an oil. With 20 minutes to go, Kira picked up a hot pan and burnt her hand pretty bad. She was struggling but soldiered on.

Rachael cooked roasted tomato broth with prawns and kransky, Georgia cooked Chicken with Chilli and tomato sauce and Colin cooked rolled chicken stuffed with chicken and prawns. He had the use of butter and used a lot of it in his dish.

Brent Chargrilled prawns and oysters with smoked jalepino and onion jam.

With 2 minutes to go, Colin sliced up his chicken roll and it was raw in the middle. He decided to quickly try and fry it in the left over butter he had.


Colin’s Chicken roulade with okra and custacean sauce was cooked. George said it was “cracker”. The complexity of the sauce was delicious. Matt Preston said it was the best dish he had cooked so far.

Kira’s Grilled prawns with spicy tomato and kransky sauce was not very good. George said “not your best day in the kitchen”, there was no technique in the rest of the dish. Gary thought the kransky didn’t belong in the dish.

Sam’s char-grilled chilli salt prawns were cooked well and was pretty as a picture, but it didn’t have a lot of flavour. Amys dish was full of flavour and Georgia’s rolled chicken thigh was nice but had a lot of raw garlic.

Rachael’s Tomato soup with prawns. The prawns were beautifully cooked but the kransky wasn’t the best in the dish. Matt Preston however did like the kransky. The broth had a lot of good flavour.

Brent was confident with his dish char chrilled prawns with smokey jalepino and onion and oysters. Opposite to the other night, his dish was HOT. George was sweating. All the judges told him it was simply “too hot”.

Sean’s wasn’t confident with his prawn and chilli sugo with flatbread. George liked the flavour but his prawn was overcooked. His flatbread had no flavour, it was dry and undercooked. The judges weren’t too happy with the dish.

The stand out dishes of the night were Rachael and Colin’s.

The three bottom dishes were Brent, Sean and Kira’s.

Brent was safe even though the dish was too hot because his prawn was cooked well. Kira did less than Sean but made less mistakes and that is why Sean was eliminated tonight from Masterchef.


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