Masterchef Shock Elimination – Colin, Sarah or Tracy? 1

Tonight one of the favourites went home. The elimination challenge tonight was once again two rounds. The con The first round the contestants had to name 16 classic dishes. The second round will be a limited pantry with the contestants only able to use the ingredients of the dishes they correctly guess.

Round 1

There were 16 cloches to guess, Here were the dishes they uncovered:

  • Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Tarte tatin
  • Osso Buco
  • Pad Thai
  • Coqui Vin

From the first dish, Byron was uncertain. On the third dish Brent couldn’t think of the dish, he struggled and struggled and wrote down osso buco, he was correct. After 3 dishes no-one had got an answer wrong. Colin struggled with the Pad Thai, he wrote down Thai fried rice, which was incorrect and he was put into the elimination round. Sarah and Tracy both got Coqui Vin incorrect. It was Colin, Sarah and Tracy in the Masterchef elimination round.

Round 2

With the ingredients available the contestants cooked:

  • Colin – Chicken and Mushroom Pithivier
  • Tracy – Ballantine
  • Sarah – Chicken roulade

Colin was struggling for time. With 10 minutes to go, his pie wasn’t cooked. He cranked the oven higher to try and get it cooked in time. Sarah wanted to cook her roulade to 56 degrees (using a thermometer) some of the other contestants weren’t sure that this was hot enough. Tracy was doing a great job and her dish looked perfect.

With 30 seconds to go they all managed to plate up, except Sarah’s dish looked raw.


Tracy’s dish was first to be judged. It had perfect combination of flavours. It was beautifully cooked chicken. For Matt the flavours were “impeccable”, Gary thought the gravy and the puree were absolutely delicious.

Next was Colin. He was concerned that the chicken inside his pie wasn’t cooked. Gary thought the filling was a bit rushed. The red wine sauce wasn’t refined enough. Matt thought it wasn’t a great dish.

Finally it was sarah. The judges said the chicken was raw and they wouldn’t taste.

The persone eliminated from masterchef tonight was Sarah.

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