Masterchef Elimination – Arum vs Nicole vs Callan

Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? It’s a Pressure Test by Chef Paul Carmichael. Arum, Nicole & Callan cook in tonight’s Masterchef Elimination. The contestants have 3 1/2 hours to cook three dishes by chef Paul Carmichael. It is also Callan’s first Pressure Test. The main dish is a fish fry, followed by blood sausage, […]

paul carmichael masterchef elimination

Masterchef Mystery Box Ingredients

Peter Gilmore Masterchef Mystery Box Ingredients

Today’s Masterchef Mystery Box Ingredients have been chosen by Peter Gilmore from Sydney. What was in the Masterchef Mystery Box tonight? Here they are: Abalone Rice Custard Apple Spatchcock Chinese Broccoli Shitake Mushroom Bamboo Tamara and Diana are cooking the abalone, neither have cooked them before. Tamara wins the advantage with her abalone dish in […]

Heston Week- Elimination

Tonight on Masterchef Diana, Sarah, Sam, Eloise, Callan, Nicole, Tamara, Karlie and Michelle compete in a huge Heston week elimination. Today behind the judges there are giant and unusual vegetables. There’s also a tray of Heston’s famous meat fruit mandarins. The contestants goal today is to deliver a dish that is not quite what it […]

Heston Week- Day 3 Salt Flats

Tonight on day 3 of Heston Week the Masterchef bus rolls up to the salt flats in Mildura. The bus pulls up to the salt flats and the contestants walk out to the middle of the salt flat to meet the judges and the contestants that will be in the end of week elimination. All […]

Heston Road Trip Mystery Box

Tonight’s Masterchef Mystery Box challenge is at Swan Hill in Victoria. It is the start of Heston’s road trip week and the contestants will visit a different part of the country each day. Tonight’s mystery box ingredients are: Corn Olives Oranges Murray Cod Currents Saltbush Oats Snails The first dish the judges want to taste […]

Heston Road Trip

masterchef elimination pot luck

Masterchef Elimination – Pot Luck

Tonight’s Masterchef Elimination is “Pot Luck”. The contestants pick a bench to cook at, covered by a black sheet. What could be underneath it? The contestants peel back the sheet. Each bench has different ingredients and utensils. Some have meat, others have fish. Some have pots and pans, others have ovens. This is all they […]

Who will return? Eliminated Contestants

The eliminated contestants have one chance to get back into the Masterchef kitchen, who will win tonight’s challenge and return to the Masterchef Kitchen? The cook is in two rounds, round 1 is a savoury dish and round 2 is a sweet dish. The catch is that they can only choose one ingredient and they must […]

masterchef elimination deniz karaca

Masterchef Elimination – Sam, Ray, Arum & Tamara

The Masterchef Elimination tonight is between Sam, Ray, Arum & Tamara. It is a pressure test by chef Deniz Karaca, a tart. The contestants have 3 hours. Who will be eliminated from Masterchef tonight? It will be tough. All the contestants get off to a quick start. All the contestants tonight have been in elimination […]

Masterchef Mystery Box – Curtis Stone

It is the Masterchef Mystery Box tonight and it has been chosen by Curtis Stone. Who will win the advantage tonight? Here are the ingredients in tonight’s Mystery Box: Prosciutto Tumeric Thyme Grapefruit Rump of Beef Raw Almonds Wombok Gorganzola Dolce The judges are going to taste the top 3 dishes with the winner getting […]

Curtis Stone Mystery Box

masterchef elimination

Masterchef Elimination – Yotam Ottolenghi

The Masterchef Elimination tonight is by Yotam Ottlenghi. The losers from the team challenge (the green team) are going head to head tonight. The first round is a sight challenge. The contestants will see a thinly sliced cross section of an ingredient and have to get it right. Arum is up first. He chooses a […]