Masterchef 2015 First Episode

The season premier of Masterchef 2015 was tonight. The show started off with what it takes to be a Masterchef contestant. It showed previous winners and current contestants, but they haven’t been decided yet.

Matt, Gary and George had 12 white aprons to give away tonight. The potential contestants have to cook their best dish and if they receive a ‘yes’ from all three judges they get a white apron. If they get one or two ‘yes’ votes, they might be able to cook off again. There will be a total of 24 contestants this season.

First up to cook was Melbourne’s father of two and dentist Matt. He made a scallop raviolli dish. It was “absolutely delicious”. He received a white apron in front of his family.

Next up was a contestant originally from Ireland who cooked haggis. She knew Matt didn’t like haggis, but wanted to prove that it had a bad stigma and could actually be tasty.

Ricky was up next and made a deconstructed fish pie. He usually makes it constructed, but decided to deconstruct this one. Unfortunately the snapper was overcooked, it wasn’t a great fish pie. It was a ‘no’ from Gary and George, but Matt said ‘yes’ only because he thought he chose a bad dish and wanted to give him a 2nd chance.

Renald is up next and his mum is a chef and is his biggest inspiration. However, his mother does not want him to be a chef as chef’s work long hours and don’t get to see their families. Renald has cooked panna cotta. As George talks to him he breaks down in tears when his mum is mentioned. George says his dish looks beautiful. The plate is almost licked clean by all three judges and Gary says its a winning dish and its a ‘yes’ from him. George walks out of the room to go and get his mother. They tell her they loved his dish and she says she will no longer stop him from cooking and will support him.

A few more talented cooks enter the room and are quickly told ‘yes’ almost as soon as the judges have tasted their dish.

Another few contestants bring in some average dishes and are told they will be getting a second chance to cook.

Jarred is up next and he has cooked a fish curry. He is a hipster from Fitzroy. It was *very* hot, George almost choked. But it was incredibly complex and full of flavours. It was a definite ‘yes’ from all the judges.

Jessica cooked lamb and got an apron, two more after that, and it only a few aprons were left with a lot of cooks to go.

The second last apron went to an experimental foodie, they announced there would be more aprons. They were going to give out a total of 15 aprons.

A few more went out. The last one went to a contestant who cooked tacos and had a dream of starting a tex-mex food truck.

There were 9 aprons left, and the remaining 16 second chances will battle it out to win these aprons.

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