Masterchef 2015 First Elimination

Tonight’s Masterchef 2015 elimination was split into three rounds. The loser tonight will be eliminated from the competition.

In the first round, the contestants were presented with 15 different fish, they took it in turns to name them. Kha, Jessica, Marcus, Ashleigh and Georgia all failed to identify fish.

The second round, the contestants had to fillet and pin-bone a snapper in 4 minutes. Many of the contestants hacked the fish. The first to be judged was Kha. He got the fillets cut and boned in time, but the flesh was “smashed”. Next was Ashleigh, she filleted it will, but left bones in it. Georgia filleted the fish but accidentally cut through the side of one of the fillets and was very upset, having filleted lots of fish in her life. Jessica did a great job, Gary was impressed and Matt said she did a great job in 4 minutes. Marcus’ fish was the worst, he had a lot of trouble.

Marcus, Georgia and Kha were all into the next round. Ashleigh and Jessica were safe.

The final round was 45 minutes long, the contestants had to cook a dish using fish. Georgia was cooking a pan-fried flathead, Kha chose tuna and Marcus also chose flathead.

Marcus had a tough time with the challenge, he cut one hand and needed medical attention, then he cut his other hand. He was making fish and chips, a very basic dish.

The first to be judged was Kha. He made Seared Tuna with potatoes and a vinaigrette. The judges said he still had a lot to learn. It was a bit 1-dimensional.

Giorga’s pan-fried flathead with salsa verde and potato puree. The salsa verde was delicious and “made the dish”. The potato was smooth and buttery but the fish was overcooked.

Marcus’ deep fried flathead with potato and tomato salad. The batter was nice, but Matt got a big bone in his fish.

The judges said there was one dish that had more faults than the rest. Marcus was eliminated from the competition.

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