Fourth Masterchef 2014 Elimination

Tonight is the fourth masterchef elimination for 2014. Nick, Sean and Sarah had to cook a dish by Lakehouse head chef Alla Wolf -Tasker called “Rivers and Lakes”. Who will be eliminated tonight? The contestants had 2 hours.

This was one of the toughest pressure tests, pretty much all the contestants did parts of the recipe wrong. Sarah struggled with her consommé, but in the end it came out great, but Sean’s was cloudy. Nick was really running out of time towards the end. He managed to get his consommé done, but struggled with his watercress puree. It “looked like grass”. In the end, all the contestants got all of the elements on the plate, for better or worse.

Sean was first to be judged. There were a few flaws, his consommé wasn’t clear and lacked depth of flavour but Alla thought if it was one of her apprentices they would still have a job the next day. The curing of both fishes were spot on.

Sarah was next to be judged. She loved cooking the dish, she wants to cook food like this and wants to be out there creating this type of food. The watercress puree is not as bright green as it could be. The consommé was beautiful. There was a lot of ‘finesse’ in each of the components. The fish components were good, but the puree was overly acidic.

Nick was the final dish to be judged. His watercress puree was woeful, it tasted like sorrel and his crispy skin was soggy. The curing on both of the fish was really good. The creme fresh was perfect and the consommé was good.

Nick was eliminated tonight

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